Energy Efficiency eBook for 60 technologies

Energy Efficiency eBook

60 technologies reviewed - 54 best practices that can be applied for free.
Energy Efficiency eBook Preview How you use technology efficiently to save money and electricity.
Energy Efficiency Introduction and Energy Measurement How to measure power points and buildings electricity usage.
Energy Efficiency Table of Contents Which sections contain energy savings for you?
Home Efficiency 19 ways you didn't know about saving energy at home for free.
Business Efficiency 8 things that can reduce business energy usage and costs.
IT Efficiency 12 things only Information Technology can help with energy efficiency.
Alternative Energy 12 ways you can create and use your own energy.
Transport Efficiency 5 updated types of transport you probably didn't know about.
Future Energy 5 novel ways for generating and storing electricity into the future.
Energy Efficiency References Over 150 references.

Energy Efficiency options?

Energy Efficiency

Light Energy Calculator - Calculate the before and after costs for efficient lighting.
Appliance Energy Calculator - Calculate the running and standby costs for running appliances.
Hot Water Calculator - Calculate the before and after hot water costs using water efficient plumbing.
Compare running costs of petrol and electric cars
Detailed Appliance Energy Calculator - Work out energy use by weekday/weekend operating hours.
Energy Savings Tips - Energy tips in 9 sections.
Save Energy and Money Checklist - Where can you save more energy at home?
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Computing Efficiency options?

Computing Efficiency

Measure Computer Power Consumption
Calculate your computer components total power needs?
Desktop computer selection guide - Create your desktop computer required specifications list.
Laptop computer selection guide - Create your laptop computer required specifications list.
Chromebook computer selection guide - Create your Chromebook required specifications list.
Information Technology Performance Efficiency
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Solar Power

Solar Power

Solar Power Calculator for your location - Power output, net savings, ROI for 1 year and life of system.
Zero Electricity Bill - How many solar panels do I need? - Calculate panels needed for your location.
Zero Motoring Bill - Electric Vehicle motoring with how many extra solar panels do I need?
Solar Hot Water Calculator - How much water and energy costs will I save?
Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems for Home use Calculator Solar hot water with less weight on the roof.
Outdoor Solar Lighting options Extra lighting without cabling and running costs.
Solar Thermal Energy - Use the suns heat for energy generation. Add molten salt storage for 24/7 power.
Alternative Energy Sources - 13 sections.
Renewable Energy Sources with Solar Thermal Energy in Australia Extend thermal power plants with solar thermal.
Solar power calculator for solar power battery systems Could solar and batteries meet your energy needs?
What Does Solar Power Cost? What parts make up a solar power solution?
Solar Panel Calculator How much area do you need for a given solar power solution?
Concentrated Solar Power - Power with less Solar cells
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