Electric Vehicle versus Petrol Car Calculator

How do the vehicle technologies compare over time in terms of costs? What is the future cost of electricity and petrol impact to car running costs?
Compare your current car costs versus current electric cars?

Sample electric vehicle comparisons

petrol carelectric car

Think City electric car versus Toyota Yaris
Smart ForTwo electric car versus Smart ForTwo petrol car
Mitsubishi Miev electric car versus Mitsubishi Colt
Phoenix SUV versus Ford Territory
Tesla Roadster versus Porsche 911
Vectrix Scooter versus Yamaha XP500 Scooter
Fill in the values for your car situation in the first table and then press the Get Results button to see the running costs in the second table.
The default values used for the electric vehicle is a Think City.

Car ParameterValue

Expected distance driven every. year kilometers , miles

Electric Vehicle Cost

Electricity Cost per kWh
(use off peak electricity charging to save more money)

Electric vehicle kWh total storage.
Select from list or choose your own value.

Electric vehicle range. kilometers , miles.
Select from list or choose your own value.

Electricity cost increases per year E.g. 0.04 = 4% per year

Petrol Vehicle Cost

Petrol Cost.
litre , US gallon UK gallon

Petrol consumption.
litres per 100 km ,
miles per US gallon
miles per UK gallon

Petrol cost increases per year E.g. 0.24 = 24% per year

  Press button after completing or adjusting fields in the top table

Now you have worked out if you can save money in transport. Where else can efficiencies be made? How much more can be saved? Try the efficiency quiz's for home, work and IT. Try the calculators for lighting, appliances, computers, hot water, solar power.

Consider adding electric vehicle power consumption in with solar calculations. Zero Motoring Bill - Electric Vehicle plus how many solar panels do I need?

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Electric Vehicle Results

Results assume 15% losses in battery charging

Time Elapsed Petrol Car – Purchase and running costs Electric Vehicle – Purchase and running costs
After 1 year
After 2 years
After 3 years
After 4 years
After 5 years

What does the calculator show for most efficient car? What will your next car be?

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