Outdoor Solar Lights

Why use outdoor solar lighting?

  • Zero electrical costs
  • Zero cabling costs
  • Lights can be located almost anywhere that has sunshine
  • Can have motion sensors or day night sensors built in

Outdoor solar lighting considerations

  • What is the light level output?
  • What is the running time with full batteries?
  • Does the installation location receive enough solar energy to recharge the batteries daily?
  • How effective will the lights be after overcast days?
  • How many recharge cycles can be light endure before battery replacement is required?

Which outdoor solar lighting suits you?

Solar security lighting Solar path lighting
Solar building lighting Solar garden lighting
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Outdoor solar security lighting

Solar security lighting contains batteries to collect solar energy during the day and will illuminate when motion is detected and the ambient light is low.
It requires no wiring and can be useful in entrance ways, and for perimeter security and path lighting.
The use of LED lighting with a solar power source can improve endurance of these lights.
This class of lighting can be bought for approximately $40 to $150 each.
No electrician is required for installation but remember to follow installation directions carefully.

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Solar lights for security

Solar path lighting

Solar path lighting can be built into the path or along its edge.
Solar lights can also fit into paths in place of a paver (200 x 200 x 60 mm).
Advance path lighting can use capacitors instead of batteries for much longer life spans.
Lighting can also be placed on adjacent walls to the path.
Path lights can be bought for $10 to $20 each and no wiring is required.
Other related solar lighting is as road stud marking that can be mounted directly on the road.

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Solar lights for walls

Solar building lighting

Consider having a solar panel outside and batteries and lighting inside.
In the simplest form this is 1 solar panel and 1 light and cost around $30.
A secondary use for this style lights is for camping.
Larger systems are available in kits with multiple light being supplied from a single battery enclosure.
Kits vary in size and can range in cost from $80 to $250.
An understanding electrical wiring is required including switches, cable and fuses which are usually supplied.

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Outdoor solar lights for paths

Solar garden lighting

Solar garden lighting is a very cheap method of solar lighting with lights costing less than $10 each.
The cost is even lower if bought in bulk.
Look for white LED lighting is best light out and longest lighting endurance.
Often these light run from rechargeable AA sized batteries.
The capacity of these batteries can vary from about 700 mAH to 2600 mAH.
Look for the highest value mAH when buying replacement batteries.
This will allow the light to store more energy and run longer.

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Outdoor large solar lighting

Having larger solar panels mounted high with the efficient lighting can illuminate a 10 metre radius.
LED lighting can last 50,000+ hours so lights will never need replacing.
Solar lighting avoids the need for trenches, conduit, cables etc.
Lighting can be full circle, half circle or 1/4 circle.
Practical uses can include: street lighting, garden lighting and park lighting.
The best versions can support 3 nights lighting with limited solar input.

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Outdoor solar lights for parks
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