Energy Efficiency Introduction
Preface Measurement
Home Energy Efficiency
Free Home Best Practices Hot Water
Pool Pumps Air Conditioning
Refrigeration Incandescent Lights vs CFL vs LED
Halogen Lights vs LED Lights Television Includes Possible Standby costs table per year
Dryer Washing Machine
Audio Equipment DVD and Video players
Draft Stopper Insulation
One Watt Standby Linear vs. Switched Mode Power supplies
Power board with remote
Business Energy Efficiency
Free Best Work Practices Fluorescent Lighting
Power Factor Correction Air Conditioning
Alternative Cooling Motion Controlled Lighting
Timers Co-Generation
Information Technology Performance Efficiency
Free Best Information Technology Practices Desktop vs Laptop vs Chromebook
Thin Client vs. Desktop Virtual Computing with Storage Area Network
80 Plus Power Supplies Energy Star 4
VOIP Video Conferencing
Network Attached Storage New Low Power Processors
USB Power board BIOS settings
Alternative Energy Sources
Free Best Alternative Energy Practices Solar Hot Water
Solar Power Solar Security Lighting
Solar Night Lighting Remote Solar
12 Volt Lighting Green Power Options
Micro Turbine Wind Energy Large Turbine Wind Energy
Wave Energy Solar Thermal Power
Concentrated Photo Voltaic
Efficient Transport Technology
Free Best Transport Practices Public Transport
Bicycle Electric Scooter
Electric Car
Energy Efficient Future Technologies
New Solar Cells Geothermal Energy
Wave Energy Electrical Storage
Solar Tower
Energy Efficiency References
Energy Efficiency Targets

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