Customer Value Journey Infographic - Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Evaluation, Purchase

Secrets of Customer Value Journey - Gain Customers

The Top 5 Questions Business Owners Should Always Ask About Customer Value Journey.

Stage Description Do it yourself tools Done for you service
Awareness 3.5 Billion Google searches per day to (your) content
Google Map search to (your) Google My Business listing
Google Adwords Search ads for your keywords
Google Display ads to 90% of 4 Billion Internet population
Social Media ads to targeted users
Read your comments in customer related groups
Your outreach to new prospects directly
Keywords for Content Marketing
Content Marketing Success Factors
Headline Generators
Google My Business setup guide PDF
Google My Business FAQ
Website Traffic FAQ
Beginning Facebook Marketing PDF
Facebook Lead Generation Case Study
Marketing Plan Creator
Keyword Analysis
Competition Analysis
Sales Copy Generator 15 types
Website creation
Existing Website performance Analysis
Website update
Google My Business setup
Google Ad Campaign
Facebook Ad Campaign
Interest Reading your Landing Web page
Read and follow your Social Media posts
Leave and email address for a Lead Magnet
Register for your Webinar
See your YouTube video
See your eCommerce products
Create a web page without coding
LinkedIn Branding PDF
Email Marketing and You
eCommerce Setup
Create optimized web pages
Create an All Star LinkedIn profile
Create and opt-in email collection
Setup a business email list
Create a Webinar sales funnel
Create a YouTube video from a script
Setup an eCommerce website
Consideration Read your Lead Magnet document
Read a product datasheet
Received and read an email sequence
Reviewed a case study
Get notifications on new social media prospects
Address concerns with frequently asked questions and answers
Product and Marketing Design questions PDF
FAQ Web Page Creator
Keywords and Content Marketing PDF

Design a Lead Magnet document including keywords
Setup an automatic email sequence
Setup Social Media automation posting software
Create graphics for social media, web pages...
Evaluation See a demonstration video
Try a sample
Enrol in a free trial
Compare need and desire versus benefits
Seek prices or a quote
Act on a provided limited coupon offer
Implementing Business Transformation
Sales Copy Generation
49 questions, 15 types of content, 24000 unique words of content.
Purchase Core offer purchase
Up-sell purchase
Subscription purchase
On-boarding process
Support processes provided
Buyer email sequences with other offers
FAQ Web Page Creation
Build eCommerce Website
Website Design
Website Optimisation
Sales Funnel creation with up-sells
eCommerce website setup
eCommerce Product Description copy
Email sequence creation for buyer

Customer Journey Secrets to Convert Prospects to Buyers PDF

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