Step #1: Define your target audience and what they really wants

  • What does your ideal customer want? Ask.
  • What problems do they need to solve? Ask.
  • Which questions do they need answers for? Ask.
  • Do they have roadblocks in their way? Ask.

This information is needed to design a Lead Magnet document.
It can also be used for targeting ads by interest.
Work out 3 answers each for the 4 questions.

Step #2: What are the keyword phrases used by your customer around your products and services?

If a prospect is searching for a solution you provide what would they type into a search engine?
Consider someone searching different levels of knowledge.
Type some of these phrases in Google, look at the response and the suggestions at the bottom which as the popular search phrases. Model around the best responses.
Work out a list of suitable headlines that include the search phrases. Headline Generator
Build your Lead Magnet document. e.g. Case study, Guide, Whitepaper, Checklist, Template, Instructions, Research Results...

Step #3: Build Your Facebook Lead Ad - Case Study Results shown

Start at Facebook Ad Manager
Create a Facebook Business Page if you do not have one, it's free.
Create an Lead Generation, Lead Ad Campaign.
Set a test budget like $20.
Define the date range for a week.
Define the Audience by country, age range, gender, language (English) and interests.
Create an Ad and associate it with your Facebook Business Page. For Media upload up to 10 images 940x788 pixels. Canva Graphics Online Use Facebook Post image size.
For Primary Text provide up to 5 short sentences.
For Headline text provide up to 5.
For Call to Action choose Download.
Next you build a Lead Form within Facebook. Name and Email collection. You need 1 picture for the Lead Magnet being provided.
On your Email Provider set up an Audience to store Name and Email. Integrate Facebook to your email list provider.
Write at least 1 email to welcome the new subscriber including where they can download the lead magnet. e.g Dropbox, One Drive or Website...

Facebook Lead Ad Case Study Example

Facebook Lead Ad Case Study Results

  • $20 Budget
  • Duration: 1 week
  • 10 images, 5 primary text, 5 headlines
  • Lead magnet is a PDF showing 1500 Roles in IT. This relates to my IT Jobs Formula book.
  • 5896 Impressions (ad views). This provides business exposure for your products and services.
  • 31 names and emails collected. Mailchimp used for email list.
  • $0.65 cents per contact (Australian Dollars)


Facebook prefers a low quantity of text on the images.
The Facebook Lead Ad experiment was 1/6 the price compared to a (2 step) web page with a opt-in form on it.

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