Implementing business transformation framework infographic

Actions Results
Keyword analysis Market size and trends over time
Competition identified
Search volumes of topic phrases
New opportunities identified
Product analysis Logical and emotional product benefits from the customer perspective listed
  • Customer fears
  • Customer frustrations
  • Customer wants
  • Customer aspirations
Customer journey Define the pathways for prospects to become customers
  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase
Offer Stack design Unique Selling Proposition
  • Written products - ebooks, reports, articles...
  • Audio visual products - courses, videos, webinars, events
  • Physical products - core product plus bonuses
  • Miscellaneous products - support, groups, phone consultation
Online presence Google My Business (Google Map pin)
Facebook Business Page
LinkedIn Business Page
Content creation Build out the customer journey content
  • Web pages (optimised)
  • Lead magnet documents
  • Graphics
  • Ad text
Email Marketing Create prospect / customer email list
  • Email sequence on new subscriber
  • Broadcast whole email list emails
Digital Marketing Google AdWords text search ads
Google AdWords display image ads
Facebook Like ads
Facebook Post Boost
Facebook Lead ads
Sales Funnel Lead Collection - email exchange for lead magnet.
Product / Service Sales
Webinar / Event promotion

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Stages for business implementation success

11 Secrets to Business Transformation Framework Success

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