Building Your Ecommerce

Ecommerce Products

Product Attribute Product Value Description
Title Include keywords and brands. Can add variation types.
Description Your original sales copy. Do not copy and paste from manufacturer.
Price Will the price include tax yes/no? Will the tax be shown seperately or included in price?
Short Description Shopify and Woocommerce allows about 1 sentence short description near the buy button.
Main Image Try to provide the correct size in pixels image. Add a Alt text description.
Gallery Images Some Ecommerce playforms allows extra images for different angle photos.
Category Add the product into a category. Homepage can be a category name.
Tags What are the finer detail descriptors? Brand, type, industry etc.

Ecommerce Shipping

Shipping Attribute Shipping Value Description
Weight Confirm your Ecommerce platform is using local style weight kilograms/pounds etc.
Height Confirm your Ecommerce platform is using local style distance, centimetres, inches etc.
Domestic Shipping Cost Some Ecommerce shipping modules allow set box sizes to be entered.
Free shipping has better sales.
Domestic Premium Shipping Cost Can you earn extra with premium shipping options?
International Shipping Cost Do you want to ship internationally?
Beware of taxes in the customer location. e.g. EU VAT.
International Premium Shipping Cost

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimisation SEO

SEO Attribute SEO Value Description
Ecommerce webpage URL format Confirm there are English webpage addresses without ? or numbers.
Product Title Keywords Include customer words used to title your product. Google Trends
Product Description Add sub titles, dot point lists and unique sentences. Include customer benefits or outcomes. Why this product?
Images Images with white space around it can stand out. Image ALT text descriptions allow searches to come in on the pictures.
Extra Pages Include an About Page, Category pages/descriptions, blog, Privacy, Terms page.
Footer details Add contact details, website link, social media share buttons.
Search Engines Confirm that the website is known to search engines. This can be sometimes done at domain buying time.
Sitemap.xml Sitemap lists all the webpages that you want the search engines to know about. There are plugins for this.
Marketing To drive initial awareness of the website, some paid advertising could be performed.
Add the website URL to email signature block, stationary, business cards etc.

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