Reach a worldwide Internet audience on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Expect half the email traffic to be read from tablets and smartphones.

  • Open rate for marketing email is high ~25%
  • Provide customer value
  • Build customer trust
  • Control your customer lifecycle journey
  • Provide scheduled offers to customers and prospects
  • Create an automated email sequence on subscription
  • Broadcast email to your list at any time

How to Start an Email list?

Create a customer persona for your ideal customer. What do they want?

What is the biggest customer frustration that your products and services solve?

Create a lead magnet to help solve this issue (see table below).

Add an Opt-In web form to gain an email address for the lead magnet.

Email Marketing Lead Magnet Options

Frequently asked questions and answers PDF
Online courseeBookPrintable
ChecklistsDownloadsFree shipping offer
Membership groupTutorialShopping list
Video trainingGuideManual
Case studiesTemplatesDiscount code
Digital White PaperResource listWorkbook

More Email Marketing Options

Content Upgrade - Create a specialist Opt-in and lead magnet to further support a specialist web page.
Their email address will unlock your valuable content.

Survey you email list for preferences, topics, issues and content suggestions.

Add a landing page Opt-In link in your email signature block. E.g. Free course, free checklist.

Host a Webinar and collect email addresses at registration.

Be a guest for an interview and use a Landing Page URL opt-in for more information.

Update your social media training for the platform where your customers frequent. Share an opt-in link.

Email people one by one who would likely be interested in the lead magnet.

Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Only send email when you have something to say
  • Keep email simple and focused
  • Write great copy
  • Keep email short and under 500 words
  • Provide more value emails than offer emails
  • Track your email open rates and link click rates
  • Use modern design for web pages linked from email

Emails for Ecommerce

  • New client purchases follow up welcome email. Ask to follow on social media.
  • Abandoned cart email. You can offer a discount.
  • Post purchase follow up email. Ask for a review. Display complimentary products. Link to FAQ.
  • Re Engagement email. Upcoming sale. Free product sample. 10% off next purchase.
  • Trial premium feature offer. Offer free products if spend is over a threshold.
  • Educational content to build trust. Product best practices, frequently asked questions, maintenance.
  • Segment clients by purchase history and send relevant offers.

Modern Email Marketing Trends

  • Segment email list by customer segment.
  • Optimize emails for mobile email users.
  • List cleaning maintenance occasionally.
  • Social media sharing of emails.
  • Remarketing - Send reminder emails to purchase.
  • Using video content.
  • Offer multiple channel interaction. E.g. Phone, chat, web form, email, social media.
  • Lead nurturing and scoring - Track who clicks links in email and increment their score.

Email Structure Guidelines

Email Subject Line

Enticing enough to get the user to open the email. Emotive, convincing, short and clear.

Email First Sentence

Convey the theme and prupose of the email.

Email First Paragraph

Create common ground with the reader.

Email Layout

Header email address, Subject, Attachments, Body, Call to Action, Closure. Include images.

Email Closure

Last sentence to promote produsts and services. Professional signature block with contact types and social media sharing.

Segmentation of Email list

Local ClientsNational ClientsInternational Clients
Small ClientsMedium ClientsLarge Clients
Industry SectorCompany SizeClient Engagement Score

Segment targeted email have higher conversion rates.

Customer Relationship Management or Smart Tags can be used to segment email list.

Email Marketing for raving fan customers

Email Marketing Call To Action

Time to start planning your Lead Magnets, Opt-In Web Pages and Email Sequences. See Opt-In below for website development.

Email Marketing 2 page answers PDF