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FAQ Web Page Creator Benefits

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How to build you FAQ Webpage

Gather common questions asked of you by your customers.
Use online tools like Google Adwords Keyword planner (free) to gather a list of your industry keyword phrases.
Build a list of questions that relate to your services that use the popular keyword phrases.

FAQ webpage constants

Enter your webpage homepage. e.g. https://www.yourdomain.com

Enter your FAQ Topic or Niche

Enter your favourite FAQ webpage background colour.

Enter each FAQ question

Enter your questions one at at time.

Enter your answer to the above question.

FAQ Submitted Questions Results

FAQ Submitted Questions HTML Results

FAQ Webpage Results

When finished adding questions and answers, press button to add the top and bottom of the FAQ webpage.

When finished, select all (ctrl a) webpage results, copy (ctrl c), open Notepad, paste (ctrl v) save as topic-faq.html
Open faq.htm in your Internet Browser to test your results.

FAQ Webpage Link List

Select all (ctrl a) Link List, copy (ctrl c), open Notepad, paste (ctrl v) save as faqlinks.txt

Move your new faq.htm file to your website. Use FTP to copy the file.
If using a content management system(CMS) create a webpage link to topic-faq.html
Add your faq.html into your sitemap.xml file for the search engines to find it.

Use you FAQ link list to social share your questions with the question link to the FAQ webpage.
Try to space your social media posts over time.
Consider other websites where the questions and answers may be valuable.

P.S. Your new FAQ webpage can provide FREE marketing into the future.

Sample Links and FAQ Sample Webpage


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