Content Marketing for more audience success

Why Content Marketing?

Improve the engagement with your audience. Likes, Shares, Comments.
Run more effective advertising content. Reduce advertising money being wasted. Improve sales conversion.
Answer customer demands that are requested via search engines. Gain free traffic / business.
Grow your audience, prospect list and customer list.

Before you start content marketing, know your keywords. Keywords: 4 Steps to Content Marketing success

Content Marketing Ideas

What keeps your customer up at night? What is your favourite success story?
What myths are in your industry? What is your best a-ha moment?
What is your favourite “war story”? Top 5 customer mistakes.
A complete guide to ... How to survive your first ...

Content Marketing Types

How To Case Study Product Review Q & Answers Guides
eBook Whitepaper Lists Quiz Research
Press release Slideshare Photos Quotes Pinboards
Resources Infographic Interview Tips Checklist
Planner Template Instructions Flowchart Collage

Content Destinations

Your Website Social Media Post LinkedIn Article
Facebook Ad to Lead Magnet Google Ad to Lead Magnet Press Release
Guest post article Pamphlet Slideshare

Add a backlinks to your website landing page, eCommerce store, membership site…

Powerful Headlines for your Niche - Show a customer benefit

  1. Converting Headline - Lists, How To, Questions
  2. Word Balance - Common, Uncommon, Emotional and Power Word
  3. Easy to Scan headline to gain understanding

Link:Headline Generator for more Marketing Success Create 20+ Headlines quickly. Improve your marketing readership, audience engagement and customer sales conversions.

Headline Examples

Easy! # Steps to …
Secrets to fix …
Discover # New ways to …
# Ways to bring … to the next level
Everything you ever wanted to know about …
Lessons I learnt from …

Deliver an aha moment. Add a Call To Action for their next step towards purchase.