Why Website Design Matters

Website Design Creation What is the purpose of your website?
Work out a website design that fulfills the website purpose.
What will you provide to your customers from the website?

  • Easy to navigate website design
  • Provide content for computers and smartphones
  • Links provided for more information
  • Can multimedia support your customer needs?

Website Design Types

Website Design Description Benefit
Static Website Simple digital brochure using a few web pages for an organisation Quick to set up and no content maintenance
Dynamic Website
or Blog
Content Management System (CMS) setup with online editor tools Training, Internet Browser and login is all that is required to create and update content
Ecommerce Website CMS with payment gateway and SSL security certificate Sell 24/7 using encrypted communications. Payment processing is handled externally.
Membership Website CMS with payment gateway, membership plugin and SSL security certificate Provide training to unlimited online audience. Multiple paid membership levels are possible. Content access permissions by membership level.
Digital Products Website CMS with payment gateway, digital downloads plugin and SSL security certificate Sell 24/7 using encrypted communications. Payment processing is handled externally. Almost instant delivery. Unlimited digital inventory. No shipping.
Website Application Advanced application using custom coding and potentially databases, web servers and cloud computing services. Your website based application can be made available to the world. Software as a Service (SAAS).

Website Design for your Customer Segments

What are your customer characteristics?

Do you cater to multiple customer segments?

What will your website provide them?

Write or edit your website Customer Segment details down and save the text

Ctrl A = Select All, Ctrl C = Copy, Ctrl V = Paste.
Save your results in a text document, email or website planning document.

Website Content Ideas

Website Content Type Benefit
Text and HTML Create content that can be read by all the 3.5 Billion Internet Browsers including smartphones quickly.
Images Images can provide better user engagement, convey information and ALT text descriptions for search engines. Keep images small for quicker loading.
Video Video can be embedded within a webpage. e.g. YouTube, Vimeo etc. Videos can play in a small window or enlarged to full screen.
Audio HTML5 provides full audio controls for an audio file. Create another way to convey information. Audio can be also used for a Podcast (online radio show).
Maps Provide an interactive map to you physical premises. You can create a Google Map entry to go with this.
Forms Forms can be used for competitions, customer enquiries, opt-in forms for email marketing, surveys and form to spreadsheet workflows.
iFrame This is a webpage within a webpage. The embedded web page can be from almost any website. This could provide complimentary information.

Now you have an outline for a Web Design, either complete the 5 Website Design Checklists below or progress to Web Hosting.

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Website Design Checklists

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