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Marketing Strategy Example Description Do it yourself tools Done for you service
Keywords in Website Freehand website with little traffic.
Keywords analysis performed.
Content updated to use popular keywords.
RESULTS: Keyword Rankings improved 2X.
DURATION: 2 weeks.
OUTCOME: Website meeting customer needs and provides free marketing traffic into the future.
Keywords for Content Marketing
Content Marketing Success Factors
Headline Generators
Keywords and Content Marketing PDF
Secrets of Customer Value Journey - Gain Customers
Keyword analysis of your own website.
Keyword analysis of your competitors.
New keywords to consider for more business.
How To Activate Sales Channels With Prepared Copywriting
Website Image Descriptions Ecommerce website with good looks.
All (50+) images had Alternate descriptions with keywords added.
RESULTS: Keyword positions 2X.
Three keyword phrases at Google position #1.
Website traffic doubled in 1 week.
OUTCOME: Product lines sold out.
Create a web page without coding
eCommerce Setup
Website Optimisation Reach out to 4.1 billion Internet Users
Add popular keyword phrases to your website images.
Rank for more popular keyword phrases.
New Website and Google My Business Simple website built with 6 web pages.
Website submitted to Google and Bing.
Google My Business listing created with description, contact details, images...
RESULTS: Actions enough to fill service business.
Google emails monthly on My Business derived impressions, calls, website clicks and directions.
Google My Business FAQ
Google My Business setup guide PDF
Why have a Small Business Website?
Website Design
Build your website remotely.
Build your Google My Business remotely.
16 Steps for new website PDF
Digital Marketing
Search and Display Ads
Basic website with little traffic.
Google targeted Search ads created.
Google targeted Image ads created.
RESULTS: Ad impressions in the 10,000's.
New product images shown to 10,000's.
Website traffic growth to 30+ visitors/day.
Website performance 10X in 1 month.
Budget set at $10 per day.
Marketing Plan FAQ
Marketing Plan Creator
Website Traffic FAQ
How To Win At Content Marketing And Build Business
Google Search ads campaign creation.
Google Display image ads campaign creation.
Google Remarketing ad campaign creation for returning prospects.
Pilot campaigns can be set up to test ad copy, images, costs.
e.g. $ / website click, $ / 1000 Display images.
Previous results: $1.34 / website click.
$11 / 1000 image impressions.

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