Business Recovery Strategy - Issues, Business Impact, New Environment, Implement Business Recovery Strategy.

Business Recovery Strategy

Business Issues, Impact, Environment and Strategy Implementation

Stage Description Do it yourself tools Done for you service
Issues -
Short, Medium, Long Term
Supply chain disruption
Staffing remote
Customers remote
Customer changes
74 Internet Uses
Business Skills Analysis
Video Conferencing Example
Business Model your Current and Future business state.
Review your Business Technology Alignment for digital processes.
Extract your baseline online key performance indicators.
Business Impact Business operations change
Disaster recovery procedures
Costs change
Cash flow change
Pricing change
Digital Technology Choices
Disaster Recovery
Balanced Scorecard PDF
Covid19 Impact Quiz - Close Pivot Grow
Analyse your business and technology skills.
Analyse your online presence and your competitors.
Audit your Information, Communication and Technology resources.
New Environment New customer needs for products and services
Update your customer segments
Product and services pivot to suit new problems and desires
Customer Profile Creator
Customer Profile Background PDF
Value Proposition Creator
Value Proposition Background PDF
Acquire keyword phrase volumes for your product sector.
Find keyword phrases your could compete with for more business.
Refine your existing content to rank higher of more traffic / leads / customers / profit.
Implement Business Recovery Strategy Redesign the business model
Redesign the marketing model
Update products and services
Develop new quick ideas
Consider pricing levels for customers
Update skills, processes, mindset New strategy for traffic and offers
e.g. Email, ads, web pages, posts.
Online Business Model Creator
Online Marketing Plan Creator
Product and Design Questions PDF
Online Idea Research Checklist
Technology skills analysis
Website Traffic FAQ
Keywords for Content Marketing
Content Success Factors
Google My Business PDF
LinkedIn Branding PDF
Email Marketing and You
Design your current and future business model with business and technology attributes.
Create a 9 part Marketing Plan for the modern era.
Utilize Sales Copy Generation for sales letters, emails, ads, posts, video, web pages, tweets...;
49 questions, 15 types of content, ~24,000 unique words;
Activate new sales channels.
Build a Google My Business (Google Map) entry remotely.
Build a LinkedIn Business page remotely.
Create a Google or Facebook Ad campaign.
Build an optimized website.

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