Customer Profile attributes

Rank Products and Services, Pain Relievers, Gain Creators in terms of importance.

  • Products and Services - This is simply a list of what you offer.
  • Pain Relievers - Describe how your products and services alleviate customer pains.
  • Gain Creators - Describes how your products and services create customer gains.

Value Proposition Creator Instructions

  1. Answer the 3 main questions of your value proposition. Place most important answers in order of importance.
  2. Click Create Value Propostion button
  3. Export the image of your results. Right click and save.

Enter Your Value Proposition Name

Products and Services

This bundle of products and services helps your customers complete either functional, social, or emotional jobs or helps satisfy basic needs.

  • Physical / tangible goods
  • Intangible products like copyrights, services and after sales assistance.
  • Digital products such as music downloads and online services.
  • Financial products such as investment funds and insurances.

What are your products and services from the 4 categories. Write your answers in the box below.

Pain Relievers

Describe how your products and services alleviate customer pains.

  • Produce savings? In terms of time, money or efforts.
  • Make your customer feel better?
  • Fix under performing solutions?
  • Put and end to difficulties and challenges you customer encounter?

What are your pain relievers? Write your answers in the box below.

Gain Creators

  • Create savings that please your customers? In terms of time, money, and effort.
  • Produce outcomes your customers expect or that exceed their expectations?
  • Outperform current value propositions and delight your customers?
  • Make your customers work or life easier?
  • Create positive social consequences?
  • Fulfill a desire customers dream about?
  • Lower risk, better quality, improved performance, or better design.

What are your gain creators? Write your answers in the box below.

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You can also right click and save the customer profile image.

Your Value Proposition Report Results

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Value Proposition Generator FAQ

Value Proposition template

This Value Proposition Creator above makes your custom value proposition template with title, products/services, pain relievers, gain creators.
The results are available as a 1 page Value Proposition image.

Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Creator is based on Value Proposition Canvas in a one page format.
More Value Proposition Canvas can be found here. Value Proposition Design PDF

Unique Value Proposition examples

Here is a image of a sample Unique Value Proposition example.
Unique Value Proposition example image

How to write a value proposition

A Value Proposition is one of the most important parts of a Business Model Canvas Creator.
Unique offer, solves customer pain/problem, audience has buying power, audience can be found easily, niche market is growing, high value for the price.
Dream outcome, high likelyhood of success, quick results, reduced work, reduced risk.