Convert between metric and customary / imperial weights, distance, volume, area and temperature.

weight measurement conversion

Weight Converter

Grams to pounds and ounces weight conversion Plus Pounds and Ounces to Grams table.
Kilograms to pounds and ounces weight conversion Plus Stones and Pounds to Grams table.
kg to st, lbs and oz - mobile version
Pounds to kilograms Calculator Plus Pounds to Kilograms and Grams table.
Stones to kilograms conversion
Stones to pounds or kilograms converter Plus Stones to Pounds or Kilograms table.

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distance measurement conversion

Distance Converter

Convert mm to inches calculator Also convert inches to millimetres. Plus 1-200 inches to millimetres conversion chart.
Convert feet to metres Plus Feet to Metres and Millimetre table.
Metric to Inches Conversion Calculator with Metres Centimetres Millimetres Also inches to metric conversion.
Metres to Feet and Inches Converter Also Yards, Feet and Inches to Metres or Millimetre conversion.
Convert inches to cms centimetres Also centimetres to inches conversion. Plus 1-200 inches to centimetres table.
Feet to metres Plus 1 to 50 feet to metres and millimetres table.
Convert km to miles Plus 1 to 50 kilometres to miles and yards table.
Covert km to miles calculator and 1-100 km to miles chart - mobile version
Convert miles to kilometres Plus 1 to 50 miles to kilometres and metres table.
Convert miles to km calculator and 1-100 mile to km chart - mobile version

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volume measurement conversion

Volume Converter

Cylinder Volume Calculator in Metres and Centimetres Cylinder volume by radius in metres, diameter in metres, radius in centimetres or diameter in centimetres.
Volume of a cylinder in metres and litres - mobile version
Volume of a cylinder in centimetres and litres - mobile version
Cylinder Volume Calculator in Feet and Inches Cylinder volume by radius in feet, diameter in feet, radius in inches or diameter in inches.
Volume of a cylinder in feet and gallons - mobile version
Volume of a cylinder in inches and gallons - mobile version
Litres to gallons pints and ounces converter Plus gallons to litres converter. US and UK gallons.
Cups to millilitres or ounces converter Plus cups and cup fraction to millilitres or ounces table.
Cups tablespoons teaspoons including fractions to ml converter
Pints to litres Converter Both US and UK units of volume.
Cubic Volume Calculator - Calculate multiple volumes and add them Up to 8 volumes can be listed and and added.
Fuel Efficiency Converter Distance in kilometres and miles. Fuel in litres or gallons. Fuel efficiency in miles per gallon or litres per 100 km.

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area calculator

Area Measurement

Area Calculator in Metres and Centimetres Multiple area calculations can be saved and exported.
Area Calculation in feet and inches Multiple area calculations can be saved and exported.
temperature measurement conversion

Temperature Conversion

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit Plus 0 to 50 celsius to fahrenheit conversion table.
Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius Plus 30 to 130 fahrenheit to celsius conversion table.
Celsius to Fahrenheit Chart -50 to 250 degrees to fahrenheit (-58 to 482) conversion table.

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