Competitive SEO Strategies 2

If you're one of the website owners who wants to gain competitive advantage online, then this competitive SEO strategies secret list holds the keys you need.

The Big Idea Behind These 10 Secrets Is: Use Data For Competitive SEO Strategies.

Ignore this advice at your peril: SEO strategies for competitive advantage.

The most important thing to get with this is to save time and money with business growth.

Website owners can't neglect this list because if you don't use data then the online competition is lost.

Secret # 1 - Your Existing Keyword Search Results For Business Online Presence

  • Does your website have any ranking keywords in search results
  • These keywords can be the fastest to improve for higher rankings
  • Google your keywords and see if you can make top 10 quality content
  • A quick SEO strategy to deliver business results

Free Web Page Audit - Done For You Try this tool on your home page and a product page.
Confirm your website is registered with Google and Bing.
Confirm your website sitemap is registered with Google and Bing.
Google Search Console can provide some ranking keyword information.

Secret # 2 - Monitoring Your Competitors For Market Size

  • Which competitors have similar keywords to your business
  • Do they have more or less content online compared with your business
  • SEO competitor analysis can compare search engine rankings

Customer Segment Research Tool Enter your niche and get back 20+ custom links results to investigate.
Google “” to work out how many Google indexed web pages are on the website.
Avoid short keyword phrases with quality top 10 results with the exact keywords in all top 10 positions.

Secret # 3 - Competitor Keywords For Market Share

  • Who is your closest competitors online
  • What are the competition keywords in organic search
  • What are the competition keywords in paid search
  • Which competition keywords do you want to rank for that have enough search volume

Type your number one product into Google and see which companies show up in ads and organic listings.
Also identify if Google Map results, videos, images, FAQ, knowledge boxes show up in the results.
Secrets of Press Release How to boost your online presence fast. A press release can move in front of the competition in search results as they can have higher authority.

Secret # 4 - Marketing Strategy For Brand And Product Awareness

  • Define your ideal customer avatar
  • Define the messaging keyword phrases used by your customers to purchase
  • Create a user experience from awareness to purchase to lifetime engagement

New Customer Secrets Framework How to define your ideal customer avatar and best marketing channels.

Secret # 5 - SEO Strategy To Rank For Popular Customer Keyword Phrases

  • Create suitable content for your customers google search in the top 10
  • Create content to suit search queries from beginner to advanced purchaser
  • Include call to action for the next step of the customer journey

Use Google Keyword Planner or equivalent to find the search volumes for your industry keyword phrases.
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Secret # 6 - Social Media For Online Presence And Customer Awareness

  • For B2C create a social media presence where your customer can be found. e.g. Facebook
  • For B2B create a social media presence where your customer can be found. e.g. LinkedIn
  • For physical presence, create or update your Google My Business (Google Maps)

Google My Business instructions 2 page PDF How to build Google My Business in 1 day. How to implement Google Adwords Express ads in 1 day.
New User To LinkedIn All Star Become a Linkedin All Star in 1 day.

Secret # 7 - Digital Marketing Strategy For Rapid Customer Conversion

  • Use digital marketing to create awareness for your ideal customers
  • Pick channels that match where your ideal customers can be found online
  • New business prospects and customers can achieved in 1 day from setup

Marketing Plan Creator Tool Design your marketing plan on one page.

Secret # 8 - Search Engine Rankings For Free Organic Traffic And Business

  • New good content will take up to a week to be indexed by Google
  • Content can be improved to be in Google top 10 quality results
  • One piece of content can rank for several keyword phrases
  • Blog post to support the main web pages with links

Business Keyword Analysis Secret Business Keyword Strategy to More Customer Growth.
Keywords for 20 Australian Cities Keywords and Topic Research for 20 Australian Cities.
SEO City Sub Topics for 20 Australian cities Tailor content by city keywords.

Secret # 9 - SEO Tools For Monitoring Your Competitors

  • Advanced SEO Tools can perform weekly audits of your website for possible improvements
  • Tools can report your current top 100 keyword phrase search rankings
  • Tools can determine your competitors keywords in the top 100
  • Tools can be used for gap analysis between your website and the competition

The Accelerating Business Results System 12 Choices for Business Results
Tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs can perform advanced SEO functions.

Secret # 10 - Link Building For Online Authority Ranking

  • The simplest link building is internal links in your website to your important web pages
  • External links can be built from your social media channels to your website
  • Other link building can be created using business directories, sponsorships and press releases
  • The number of internal and external backlinks is a ranking factor

Google Analytics and Google Search Console can provide some of the traffic and ranking data.
Google Search Console can show internal links, external links, link anchor text and link domains.

So now the thing for you to do is to get your business niche and competition data.

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