7 Things Every Small Business Needs To Know About Content Creation And Business Development - Infographic

The Content Creation Success System For Small Business

7 Things Every Small Business Needs To Know About Content Creation And Business Development.

Tip Description Do it yourself tools Done for you service
Why do content creation?
5.6 billion Google searches per day
Attract new customers
Have inbound free traffic
Raise business awareness
Nurture prospect to customer
Help prospects to purchase
Why have a small business website

Keywords for Content Marketing

Headline Generators
Keyword Analysis
Competition Analysis
Website creation
Existing Website performance Analysis
Content Types Articles
Case studies
Content Marketing Success Factors

Canva Graphic Design

Kindle Self Publishing Books
Web pages with SEO and keywords
Infographics custom designed
Sales pages that create customers
Types of Copywriting Decoded - 5 page PDF
Keyword Research Know user demand in advance
Know questions being asked in search
Know the customer language phrases
Align keywords for Google Search traffic
Customer Segment Research in Depth for Business Owners

The Facebook Audience Tartgeting System System

Create keyword product market fit - Custom keyword done for you service
Detailed keyword analysis including monthly search volumes
Competition present on search phrases (can you do better?)
Main topic and related sub topic analysis
List actual questions searched in Google that relate to your business
Content Creation Content for awareness
Content for lead generation
Content for lead nurturing
Content for sales conversion
Tools for content research, SEO, analytics, imagery, video, emails...
Headline Generators

Customer Value Journey

How to win at content marketing

The Entrepreneurs Guide To Create Content For Sales
Social Media Posts
Social Media Ads
Google Search Ads
Google Image Ads
Landing Web Page Scripts
Product Descriptions
Email Sequences...
Copywriting Cheat Sheet - 6 page PDF
Content Creation Skills Content strategist
Graphic Design
Sales Professionals
SEO Fundamentals Course

Keyword Research Course With Greg Gifford

Content Marketing Toolkit Course
Which keywords do you rank for now?
How optimised is your existing content?
Where are the keyword gaps for your customer journey?
How does you ideal audience consume content?
Create the ideal content for your whole customer journey
Is the content working? User engagement on social media
Page views on website
Call to action clicks
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Weekly Audit of your website's performance
Weekly statistics on your keyword positions and traffic
Comparison of your website against your closest competitors
Knowledge of your competitors paid advertising targeting and ads
Learn more about content creation Website audit
Keyword Analysis
Content creation
Graphic Design
Video Services
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Content Creation System Checklist - 1 page PDF

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