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Web Hosting Platfoms

Website Hosting Platform Description Benefit
Free Online Web Hosting Great for a simple demonstration information website with little control. You only need a web browser to create a website within thier domain. E.g. www.youname.freehosting.com, Wix
Hosted eCommerce Buy a domain name (www.yourstore.com), pay for a hosted eCommerce store monthly, list products and sell. No technical skills required. Sell globally. E.g. Shopify
Shared Web Hosting Multiple websites sharing space on a web server Cheap web hosting (about $100/year). Variations can include content management system hosting.
Virtual Private Server Web Hosting One virtual server for your website(s). More storage space is available. This can handle more traffic (100,000+ visitors per month). About $500-$1000/year.
Dedicated Web Server One whole physical web server for your website(s). More storage space available. This web server can handle much more simultaneous uses. About $1500-$5000/year.
Simple Static Cloud Website Create a Cloud folder, copy web pages to the folder and point a domain name to the folder. Simple web pages can be displayed from multiple redundant data centres in one region. Very cheap, about $50/year.
Advanced Cloud Website Website web pages can be provided from multiple data centres around the world. The same domain name is used around the globe. Visitors read web pages from the closest data centre. $$$
Development Website Create a web server on your computer to demontrate or develop a website. Develop websites offline. Test new features in development. Software like WAMP, MAMP or Internet Information Server is required.

Website Hosting Storage

Website Hosting Databases

Website Hosting Feature Considerations

Website Hosting Considerations Description Benefit
SSL Certificate This allows encrypted communication between your website and visitors. SSL can be free or paid. It is based on the domain name. Used for customer information and payments handling. It shows your website is secure. Avoids unsecure error messages.
Google Analytics (or equivalent) This provides tracking of website visitors by having a code snippet in each web page. Free. Track visitor numbers, web pages used, time on website, traffic source, visitor origin, device used etc.
sitemap.xml This is a file that lists all the important web pages on your website. Notify the search engines your sitemap.xml file exists. Free. Search Engines use this file to review your website. Good web pages are indexed for Internet Search results (free traffic).
Social Sharing Allows visitors to share your content on thier social media accounts with social media sharing buttons. Expand the reach of your website content to new audiences.
Google Map Entry If you business has a physical location then a Google My Business (Google Map) entry can be created. Free. Lets you add your website address, address, contact details, open hours and pictures.
Backlinks Create links back to your website from all relevant sources. E.g. Facebook company page, LinkedIn company page, email signature blocks. Raise the sources to get your website traffic. Raises the authority of your website slightly.
CMS Plugins This extends the functions of a content management system. E.g. Visual themes, eCommerce, payment gateways, Paid Memberships, Digital Download sales etc. There are 1000's of plugins available. This may involve testing the combinations to reach the website goals.

Now you have an outline for a Web Hosting, either complete the 5 Website Design Checklists below or progress to Website Creation

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