Website Creation Considerations

Creating a website for your visitors

What do your visitors / prospects / customers want from your website?

Create a website to suit your visitors.

  • What are visitors searching for
  • How will you layout your products and services
  • What sort of interactions do visitors expect

Visitors Searching for your Website

  • How will a visitor get to your website? Internet Search, Links, Email, Social Media, Advertising.
  • What words and phrases will prospects use to search for your website? Frequently asked questions.
  • Which phrases will bring in the most appropriate website traffic? E.g. Buy product, profession service location.
  • Appropriate keywords can be the difference between a popular or unpopular website. Try Google Search , Google Trends or Answer The Public.
    Which phrases variations are the most popular and appropriate for your website.
  • Know your website keywords in advance of creating your own website.
  • Will your website domain name be a company name ( or something relating to your main keyword phrase (

The Checklist document below includes a Website Customer Keywords Checklist.

Website Products and Services

  • How do you want to arrange your online products and services? Draw it. Refine it.
  • Use keywords for categories in your website. List them.
  • Each product or service will need a text description and an image. Some images can be sourced from Canva or iStockPhoto
  • If you are shipping physical goods then product dimensions and weight would be required. E.g. eCommerce or Google Shopping.
  • How would you like customers to book your services? Contact form, Email, Telephone, Social Media message.

The Checklist document below includes a Website Design Checklist that influences what sort of website you will build.

Create a Website for your Customers and Interactions

Website Interaction Description Considerations
Customer Internet Browsing Device Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Different screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive web pages are needed or seperate web pages depending on device type. About 50% of traffic will not be from a computer.
Instructing How to complete jobs information, training information, planning information, best practices etc. Does you audience like web pages, images, PDF documents, presentations, audio, video or quizes to test knowledge.
What could you provide?
Conversing Could you interact with customers by providing an online form, download file, survey, online calculator, forum, social media, instant message, one page application or website search etc. How much time will be needed on the development / business side to handle these interactions. Perhaps test one at a time.
Manipulating Do you want customers to buy physical or digital products from your website? Would you like online clients with logins? A SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is needed for handling customer and payment information. Plugins will be needed for membership services.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Do you need your website to handle prospects, nurturing, leads, sales coversion and customers? CRM can work from within your website or interact from a cloud software as a service. Several system integrations may be required.

The Checklist document below includes Website Customer, Customer Keywords and Website Design Checklists or progress to Create a Web Page

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