Computing Efficiency options?

Computing Efficiency

Measure Computer Power Consumption How much power is your computer really using?
Calculate your computer components total power needs? Size the right computer power supply for your needs.
Desktop computer selection guide - Create your desktop computer required specifications list.
Laptop computer selection guide - Create your laptop computer required specifications list.
Chromebook computer selection guide - Create your Chromebook required specifications list.
Information Technology Performance Efficiency Computing choices with energy efficiency in mind.
Free Open Source Software Solutions - Compare propriatry, open source and cloud software.
Reuse Old Computer with Linux - How to extend the life of your computer using Linux.
Basic Computer Energy Calculator - Compare Desktops, laptops and Chromebooks.
What is the best printer scanner copier? - Comparision table with results.
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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Possibilities What can you do with cloud computing now? Does it suit you?
Cloud Computing Efficiency Compare local and cloud based computing.
Disaster Recovery using Cloud Computing Cloud computing in a disaster compared to conventional computing.
Cloud Computing Overview Diagram - What can you do with Cloud Computing. Mind Map diagram of the possibilities.
Digital Economy Advantages - How does the Physical and Digital economies compare? What are the advantages of digital?
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Energy Efficiency options?

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency eBook - 60 technologies reviewed - 54 best practices that can be applied for free.
Light Energy Calculator - Calculate the before and after costs for efficient lighting.
Appliance Energy Calculator - Calculate the running and standby costs for running appliances.
Hot Water Calculator - Calculate the before and after hot water costs using water efficient plumbing.
Compare running costs of petrol and electric cars