Digital Economy Advantages

  • How does the physical economy work with and compare with the digital economy?
  • How can cheap computing processing, storage and bandwidth assist in 21st century business?
  • What are the new business models to consider in the 21st century?
Physical economy versus digital economy
Physical Economy Digital Economy Digital Advantages
Air travel, in flight sales, baggage handling fees Digital ticketing, credit card handling fee, advertising in flight sales, commisions for airline website referals for accom. and car rentals Reduce transaction costs, new revenue streams.
Digital set top box sale Subscription movie fees, pay per view fees, Internet access fees, VOIP telephony fees Digital services pay for the physical hardware over time.
Boxed software. Wholesale and retail markups. Free basic Online software or free trial software. Premium paid Online software. Online larger storage fees. Free service gains market share, paid service supports free service. Both services are getting cheaper to run every year. Customer has less risk with free use.
Magazine publishing, Store sales, Magazine subscription. Online subscription at reduced rate. Introduction web pages with advertising. Extra revenue with little extra costs. Online audience can have wider reach. Online subscription can be worldwide.
Completed assembled goods with warrenty and markup. Online community with free how to assembly information. Online community drives sales in completed assembled goods.
Share trading and brokerage Online trading fees, online account interest, online subscription fees, online paid reports Digital economy can provide new revenue streams.
Boxed email software Cloud based email. Paid or free with advertising. Cloud computing is getting cheaper every year to run. Can cross promote other digital services.
Physical Conferences Online conferences Digital access can provide higher attendance and promotion for later physical attendance.
New product marketing. Press releases, paper advertising Web page for product, Online video of product, Online advertising, social media marketing Digital economy provides new tools to help physical marketing.
Classified advertising Online classified advertising. Can include supporting advertising. Online ads can stay longer and costs less or free. More goods can be traded. More efficient market.
Digital technology hardware sales Online content and services makes devices more useful Internet connected devices are more valuable because of digital content.
Computer game sales Free Online game demo, Computer game online download, online subscriptions, online advanced services, in game dynamic advertising Long term revenue streams created in digital economy
Music CD sales Online song sales, online song givaways, online social media contact points. Online services can help generate market reach, extra merchandise and concert ticket sales.
Printed book sales Free Online small summary, Digital online book, PDF book, PDF chapter, audio book, eBook format, eBook summary Digital book sales have less costs and less 2nd hand book lost revenues.
University Education attendance Free online university materials Online content can act as marketing for university attendance.
Paid user specific information. Free generic sample online information. Online content provides leads for paid physical services