Tablet USB Charging Compatibility Guide

Smartphone charging levels

Tablet Charging Issues

There are 2 main Tablet USB standards than do not work with each other in terms of charging.

Tablet Charging Analysis

The 2 standards can be worked around using different charging cables.

Tablet Charging Cables extended review

Tablet charging can be achieved across standards using USB Charging cables to suit the situation.

USB Cable Tablet Charging Compatibility Guide

Charging Cable versus ChargerComputerApple 2 Amp USB ChargerGeneric 2 Amp USB Mains / Car ChargerAndroid Tablet USB ChargerDual USB Car ChargerUSB Cable Pictures
Apple 30 Pin WhiteSoftware needed, low currentYesYesNoYesApple USB to 30 Pin Cable
Apple Lightning WhiteSoftware needed, low currentYesYesNoYesApple USB to Lightning 8 pin Cable
Smartphone Micro USB Data BlackSoftware needed, low currentNoNoYesNoUSB to Micro USB Data Cable
Smartphone Micro USB Charge RedNoYesYesYesYesUSB to Micro USB Charge Cable

Dual USB Car Charger Specifications

Dual USB Car Charger
Voltage5 Volts. This is the USB standard.
Current2 Amps. Charges 1 Tablet or 2 smartphones.
Overload ProtectionYes, from 2.4 Amps. Self resetting.
Other Uses1 iPad, 1 Google Nexus 7 tablet, some other 5 volt tablets.
Dual USB Car Charger 3 Amps
Voltage5 Volts. This is the USB standard.
Current3.1 Amps. Charge 2 smartphones fast. Charge 1 tablet and 1 smartphone fast.
Overload ProtectionYes. Self resetting.
Other UsesPower GPS, MP3 player, iTouch, 1 iPad, some 5 volt tablets.

USB to Apple 30 Pin Cable compatibility

Apple iPad 1Apple iPad 2Apple iPad 3Apple iPhone 4Apple iTouch 1,2,3,4Apple 30 pin connector

USB to Apple Lightning 8 pin Cable compatibility

Apple iPad 4Apple iPad miniApple iPhone 5Apple iTouch 5Apple Lightning connector

USB to Micro USB Charging cable compatibility list

Google Nexus 7Google Nexus 10Samsung Galaxy NoteKindleGeneric Micro USB charging tablets100's of Micro USB SmartphonesMicro USB connector

Other Smartphones that use Micro USB charging will also be compatible.

Micro USB charging standard in China and Europe has been adopted by Nokia, Samsumg, NEC, RIM, Motorola, Sony Erricson and LG.

Tablet Charging Cables for sale

Smartphone and Tablet Accessories

Smartphone Charging Detailed Descriptions

Dual Car Charger with 2 Apple Charging Cables

Dual Car Charger with Apple and Micro USB Smartphone Charging Cables

Dual Car Charger with 2 Micro USB Smartphone Charging Cables

Team Mobile Phone Charging Cables

Micro USB Smartphone Charging Cable and Smartphone micro USB data cable

Nokia 2mm USB Charger Cables

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