Dual Car Charger with Apple and Micro USB Smartphone Charging Cables

Smartphone charging levels

Charge an Apple iPhone and Smartphone at the same time.
Why buy 2 chargers when this one can perform both roles.
Each USB socket provides 1 amp allowing fast charging for both mobile phones.
Overload protection and self reseting included in charger.
Cables can also be used with a computer or other USB chargers.
Car charger is very compact design with less than 10 mm protruding from the socket.

Apple and Smartphone Charging Compatibility Guide

Charging Cable versus ChargerComputerApple USB ChargerGeneric USB Mains / Car ChargerSmartPhone USB ChargerDual USB Car ChargerUSB Cable Pictures
Apple 30 Pin WhiteSoftware neededYesYesNoYesApple USB to 30 Pin Cable
Smartphone Micro USB Charge RedYesYesYesYesYesUSB to Micro USB Charge Cable

Dual USB Car Charger Specifications

Dual USB Car Charger
Voltage5 Volts. This is the USB standard.
Current2 Amps. Charge 2 smartphones fast.
Overload ProtectionYes, from 2.4 Amps. Self resetting.
Other UsesPower GPS, MP3 player, iTouch, 1 iPad, some 5 volt tablets.

Buy Dual Car Charger with Apple and Micro USB Smartphone Charging Cables

Dual Car Charger with Apple and Micro USB Smartphone Charging Cables Dual USB Car Charger.

Apple 30 pin to USB cable

Smartphone Micro USB Charging Cable

Cables 90 cm in length.

Free postage Australia wide.
Australian Buyers

$19.95 AUD

USB to Apple 30 Pin Cable compatibility

Apple NanoApple iTouchApple iPhone

USB to Micro USB Charging cable compatibility list

Micro USB connector
HTC One XHTC Velocity 4GHTC RhymeHTC Explorer
HTC Sensation XEHTC SensationHTC TrophyHTC Incredible S
HTC Desire SHTC Desire ZHTC HD MiniHTC Desire HD
HTC HD2HTC DesireHTC SalsaHTC ChaCha
HTC Wildfire SHTC WildfireHTC AriaHTC Legend
LG OptimusLG MeLG Optimus OneLG Prada
Motorola Droid BionicMotorola Droid RAZRMotorola Droid X2Motorola Milestone
Nokia 5230Nokia E52Nokia N9
Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung Galaxy SSamsung Galaxy S2Samsung Infuse
Samsung S5620Samsung Galaxy Ace
Sony Xperia S

Other Smartphones that use Micro USB charging will also be compatible.

Micro USB charging standard in China and Europe has been adopted by Nokia, Samsumg, NEC, RIM, Motorola, Sony Erricson and LG.

Smartphone Charger Sales Feedback

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Dual Car Charger with 2 Micro USB Smartphone Charging Cables
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