ICT Skills for the NBN

NBN rollout and the ICT skills required

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You and NBN NBN fibre is in over 60 regions of Australia. Townsville has the greatest concetration of NBN fibre in 2014. Purple is NBN ready. Brown is NBN fibre being rolled out. Green is NBN fibre planning stage. Australia wide NBN interactive Google map
NBN in Townsville CBD Once a region is NBN ready there is approximately 18 months until the copper phone lines disconnect. Townsville CBD has disconnection dates in 2015. A NBN order needs to be in place to avoid loss of phone number and ADSL Internet. NBN connections take fom 1 week to 6 months to connect depending on complexity.
NBN Connection Process An audit of existing telephony and computing needs is required. Special considerations are required for alarm systems, EFTPOS, faxes and modems in transition. NBN uses also need to be considered with NBN / computer network planning. NBN Connection Steps
NBN at Home Consider where the where the internal NBN Network Termination Unit will be placed in term of near a power point and your existing phone / network cabling. NBN is installed free. How NBN connects with your equipment is at your cost. Two phone sockets and 4 Gigabit Ethernet socket are available from a NBN connection. NBN Rollout Hardware
NBN at Work NBN provides for quick access to cloud computing, remote VOIP telephony equipment, high quality multi-site video conferencing and remote team access. NBN Business Benefits
VOIP Telephony NBN allows nationwide use of shared Telephony hardware using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). No local PABX is required. Computer, smartphone or tablet can represent a business phone extension. Branch offices can be connected over the one VOIP system across the NBN.
NBN Cloud Computing NBN allows quick access to Cloud Computing based services. This includes server based hardware, server software, applications and remote backups. No local server is required. Cloud Computing Section
ICT Industry and NBN ICT has a education role in what is possible with NBN. This includes faster local networking, working from home, new ways to operate business, lower business startup costs and faster access to the global marketplace. NBN General Benefits
Business Model Review A Business Model Canvas diagram representing how a business operates needs to be reviewed with the NBN. What operations can be improved? Can new online customer segments be created? Can communication pathways be enhanced? Business Model Creator section
NBN Related Information Technology Skills Which skills are needed for NBN implementation projects? Business Process Improvement, Network Planning, Business Modeling, Network Design, System Integration, Network Support, Technology Audit and Client Services Management. Quick IT skills assessment
You and NBN at the next Level - eBook (free) 74 ideas for the NBN. Sections on General NBN Benefits, Home NBN Benefits, Business NBN Benefits, Industry NBN Benefits, ICT NBN Benefits and further resources. You and NBN at the next level - 74 ideas - Start Now.

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