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Power fail and broadband / phone fail issues

  • What happen to your NBN broadband and telephony when the power fails? It stops.
  • How long can your home or business operate without phones or Internet?
  • What are the productivity and business losses without these services?

Continuous Solar Power Solution for broadband and phone connection

  • The above issues can be avoided with a solar battery power system for your NBN fibre broadband connection.
  • What size solar panels do I need?
  • What size battery do I need?
  • Your answers are here.
Average NBN fibre router load watts
Total size of solar panels (watts)
Batteries Size

Your local average daily Solar Radiation World Map Solar Radiation (kWh/m2/day)World Map Solar Radiation small


Press this button after adjusting values in the top table. Results are in the lower table.

Average Solar Power Daily Output DC Watt Hours
Time to Charge Batteries. Assume 80% efficiency days
Battery Discharge time without solar days
Lifetime Solar Power Generated kiloWatt hours kWh

Sample Australian NBN Solar Battery Configurations

LocationSolar Panel wattsBattery AhBattery Backup Time daysBattery Charge Time days
Sydney, Adelaide, Perth80653.251.6
Brisbane, Darwin60653.251.7

Simple NBN Solar Battery System

Select components for maximum efficiency.

NBN solar battery power system

Advanced NBN Solar Battery System

The advanced layout has improved efficiency with daytime solar energy going to directly to the 12 volt regulator. Advanced NBN solar battery power system

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