If you're a small business owner who wants to Get new customers without Hitting a brick wall with technology then you need to read this immediately.

Every small business owner typically wants Get new customers, but that means also avoiding one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Thinking lead generation is too expensive to consider
  • Trying digital marketing once, failing and giving up
  • Expecting the first ad to be successful

If any of these Lead Generation mistakes are stopping you (or have derailed you in the past), then here's how to get past each of them fast.

MISTAKE #1: "Thinking lead generation is too expensive to consider"

Old methods of lead generation are complex and expensive.
New methods can leverage Facebook and a email provider like Mailchimp to do the heavy lifting.
You only need there 2 things to be emailing your new prospects which reduces costs.
Try a lead generation experiment with $20 of advertising and measure your new lead count.

MISTAKE #2: "Trying digital marketing once, failing and giving up"

There are many forms of digital marketing at various costs. e.g. Google Search / Display / YouTube / Shopping.
These can be good to raise awareness of your business and drive visitors to your website.
What is better is to have the name and email address of the prospect to be able to send a sequence of email to build trust.
Lead generation can perform this name and email collection function.
Once trust is built up over a series of emails then your offers can convert into sales.

MISTAKE #3: "Expecting the first ad to be successful"

Trying to succeed with one ad will likely fail.
Use multiple images, headlines and descriptions to make the ads interesting to your prospects
Up to 10 images, 5 headlines and 5 descriptions can be used.
Targeting by location, age, gender and interests will put the ad in front of the right people.

Now that can identify these Lead Generation mistakes so you can prevent them (or fix them), you're invited to stay on the success path with your (free) instant access to Facebook Lead Ad Case Study

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