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What global remote work is available?

Links to the major job websites.

Note the skills, fields of knowledge, industries and career titles that suit you. Then research your selections.
Transferrable Skills List and Fields of Knowledge list
Review Career Choices which includes career selection tools
Where are the Digital Careers? List of ICT roles. List of ICT skills.
How do you operate in business? Where do you fit best in an organisation? Business Model it.

Job Websites List

Select job providers that relate to you. Transferable skills and ICT can work across industries.

Seek Seek has over 100,000 positions available in 32 categories.
Career One is jointly owned by News Digital Media and This is the job website that supports most of the major Australian newspapers.
Government Run Job Website A free government run jobs website. Resume can be uploaded and keywords extracted.
Australian Government Jobs Australian Public Servant and Defence Jobs.
Aust. Govt. Job seekers Resources Aprenticeships, Employment Service Providers, Job Outlooks, Seasonal Harvest Jobs, Resource sector jobs, New enterprise incentives.
LinkedIn Create Resume online, List your skills, Join your Industry groups and participate, Follow companies of interest. Select Jobs tab and search by postcode and surrounding area.
Jora Aggregate many company website jobs listings. Create an email alert for Townsville region jobs.
Indeed (Australia) Search engine for jobs by region. Search engine for employers by region. Upload resume for display. Create an email alert.

Large Business / Industry Job Websites Links

Where are the links to large employers Careers sections near Townsville?

Townsville Council Jobs
James Cook University Jobs
Queensland Government Jobs Select Location: Townsville Region, then click Search.
Telstra Townsville Jobs
Ergon Jobs Queensland Ergon Jobs. Headquarters are in Townsville.
Suncorp Bank and Insurance Jobs Filter by North QLD.

Global Job / Project / Activities Websites Links

Where can I get access to worldwide projects, jobs or tasks and work from home. Work the hours you want.

Elance Freelance projects website. Can pay by hour or project.
People Per Hour Perform set tasks for set dollars. Can post a job and get select proposals.
Air Tasker Post a task, get offers and then select one. Air tasker handles the communications exchange.
oDesk Perform by the hour or by completed tasks. Workers log into computer when performing tasks. Screenshots automatically taken.
Fiverr Have tasks performed from $5 or higher. Workers can state set tasks and prices. Bio of past work can be looked up. Can give tips for great work.
One Shift Australia website matching single shift, casual or permanent work with candidates. Post a job, review/contact matches for 15 days and then select ideal candidate.
Freelancer Perform by the hour or by completed tasks.
99 Designs Graphic Design work. Create a proposal, multiple participants submit designs, winner gets the fee.
iStockPhoto Create photos, illustrations, computer graphics, audio and video. Upload to website. Digital files sold to public. You earn royalties on sales.
eJunkie Create your own digital products. Host them online using eJunkie. Create a title, description and price. Link provided for download. International payment types handled. You get 100% of download earning - hosting monthly fee.
Amazon eBook self Publishing Create an eBook using an editor like Scrivener (arrange chapters, bullet point chapters, write ebook, create eBook file types). Upload to eBook publishers like Amazon. eBooks earn a high % commision.
PayPal Sell products on your own website. Create PayPal buy buttons with price and description. You can accept credit cards and PayPal without monthly mechant fees. Instant clearance time.

Career Research

See more industries at - The Facts - Industries

See I Choose Technology I Choose Technology study and career pathways website.Career Pathways or Profiles.

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