Career Choice Worksheet

Skills and Knowledge for Career Choice
Find the ideal career for you.

What will your career choice be?

Research career titles from here.

Note the skills, fields of knowledge, industries and career titles that suit you. Then research your selections.

Job Skills List

Select and record the skills that relate to you. These are transferable skills across industries.

achieving acting adapting addressing administering advising analyzing anticipating arbitrating arranging
ascertaining assembling assessing attaining auditing budgeting building calculating charting checking
classifying coaching collecting communicating compiling completing composing computing conceptualizing conducting
conserving consolidating constructing controlling coordinating coping counseling creating deciding defining
delivering designing detailing detecting determining developing devising diagnosing digging directing
discovering dispensing displaying disapproving dissecting distributing diverting dramatizing drawing driving
editing eliminating empathizing enforcing establishing estimating evaluating examining experimenting explaining
expressing extracting filing financing fixing following formulating founding gathering generating
getting giving guiding handling having responsibility heading helping hypothesizing identifying illustrating
imagining implementing improving improvising increasing influencing informing initiating innovating inspecting
inspiring installing instituting instructing integrating interpreting interviewing inventing invertorying investigating
judging keeping leading learning lecturing lifting listening logging maintaining making
managing manipulating mediating meeting memorizing mentoring modeling monitoring motivating navigating
negotiating observing obtaining offering operating ordering organizing originating overseeing painting
perceiving performing persuading photographing piloting planning playing predicting preparing prescribing
printing problem solving processing producing programming projecting promoting proof-reading protecting providing
purchasing questioning raising reading realizing reasoning receiving recommending reconciling recording
recruiting reducing referring rehabilitating relating remembering rendering repairing reporting representing
researching resolving responding restoring retrieving reviewing risking scheduling selecting selling
sensing separating serving setting-up shaping sharing showing sketching solving sorting
speaking studying summarizing supervising supplying symbolizing synergizing synthesizing systematizing taking instructions
talking teaching team-building telling tending testing training transcribing travelling treating
trouble-shooting tutoring typing umpiring understanding undertaking unifying uniting upgrading using
utilizing verbalizing working writing

Write a sentence on your top 10 skills including an example. Number your favourite skills 1 to 10.

E.g. Using my computing skills I fixed a computer updating issue.

Field of Knowledge List

What are the subjects and language you are most familiar with? Your knowledge can be gained from school, university, books, magazines, Internet, experience, associations etc.

Accounting, Administration, Advertising, Banking, Customer Service, Community, Construction, Consulting, Education, Engineering, Entertainment, Defense, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Human Resources, Insurance, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, Operations, Media, Mining, Primary Industries, Real Estate, Retail, Sales, Science, Self Employed, Service, Sport, Technology, Telecommunications, Trades, Training, Transport, Tourism, Volunteer

See more industries at - The Facts - Industries

Career Choice Education

High school, TAFE, Vendor training, self training, Industry experience, University, Post Graduate education.

See I Choose Technology I Choose Technology study and career pathways website.Career Pathways or Profiles.

Links to Online courses by Registered Training Organisations, Universities and TAFE. Acquire Learning

IT Career Choice Titles

Animator, Data modeller, Games developer, Graphics designer, Multimedia designer, Multimedia developer

Software designer, Software developer, Systems analyst, Technical development manager, Testing manager, Web developer, Chief Technology Officer, Development manager

Account manager, Capacity planner/analyst, Customer service manager, Customer relationship manager, Database administrator, Hardware engineer, Help desk operator, Incident manager, ICT manager

Network analyst, Network manager, PC support, Release Manager, Sales consultant, Security specialist, Systems administrator, Telecoms engineer

Information management specialist, ICT strategist, ICT policy officer, Business process modeller, Business continuity planner, Enterprise architect

Technical architect, Strategic business planner, Solutions architect, Security architect

Program office manager, Program manager, Change manager, Business process modeller, Business analyst, Benefits manager, Benefits analyst, ICT manager

Vendor relationship manager, Trainer, Testing Manager, Sourcing specialist, Quality manager, Project support officer, Project manager, Chief Information Officer, Chief Executive Officer

Career Choice Research

Find 10 Job titles based on your favourite skills.

Find Industries based on you knowledge background.

Research careers it terms of long term growth, demand, salary and employment rates.

Skill smart for the future.