Resources to achieve your startup goals sooner.

  • How to avoid startup pitfalls
  • How to learn startup skills fast
  • How can technology assist in reducing startup barriers
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Startup Introduction

Startup Communities book What to look for in your community to help you create a startup.
The Innovator's Method book Work out what needs to be done, designing products/services, refining products/services and scaling it.

Digital Technology Choices

The Light In The Tunnel book How are digital technologies transforming many industries? What are the new digital and information products now being produced?
Leading Digital book How to build digital capabilities, improve leadership to cope with transformation and deliver digital transformation.
The Innovator's Dilemma book How do companies win in new technology fields.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition Design book How to model, design, test and evolve your value proposition.

Customer Profile

Start With Why book Start with the Why question. This is used to define what the customer actual needs. It can also be used to set the team vision to meet customer actual needs.
Insight Selling book How to connect, convince and collaborate with customers. What are the customers needs using diagnosis? Which solutions suit the customer best including customer education? How to create the most value from the customer point of view.

Business Model

Business Model Generation book Create you startup business model. This includes value proposition, customer segment, channels, customer relationships, key resources, key activities, key partners, cost structures and revenue streams.
The Business Model Navigator book 55 business model examples used by modern companies. Work out which business model styles might suit you. Test with styles that can enhance your startup business.

Marketing Model

The 1 Page Marketing Plan book Create a marketing plan including target market, target message, media, lead capture, lead nuture, sales conversion, customer experience, customer lifetime value and building more referrals.
The New Rules Of Marketing And PR book How the web has changed the rules of marketing and PR. How web based communication can now reach customers directly. What action plans can be created using the new rules.
Landing Page Optimization book How to make specialised web pages to sell individual products with a high conversion rate. This includes a simple layout with a single call to action. Make you web visitors count in terms of sales, product awareness and lead capture.


What Color Is Your Parachute book What are your personal skills and strengths? What skills do you need to make your startup work? Can you form partnerships to perform some activities?

Internet Advantages

The Secret Of Building The Next Silicon Valley book What are the attributes that build silicon valley? How can you use best practices in your region.
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