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Facebook Linked In Delicious Reddit Tweet

Facebook Linked In Delicious Reddit Tweet

Social media has become more important in terms of reaching more people.
Social media has more importance for Google Search Engine rankings since its 2011 changes.
Social media sharing can help create back links for your website to raise its authority.

  • Do you have lots of web pages you would like to add social media buttons?
  • This web page can generate the code needed for social media buttons quickly.
  • Expand your website reach to include the social circles of active users.

Social Media Button Code Creator

  1. Paste your URL web address.
  2. Twitter text is optional. You can include hashtags e.g. #yourtopic
  3. Select which social media buttons you would like
  4. Press the Get Social Button Code button
  5. A web page paragraph with your social media icons will be created
Web Page Address
Twitter Text
Icons Alignment Left , Centre , Right
Icon Size Big , Small

Twitter can accept a web page link and an optional sentence.

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Social Media Button Results

Code Insertion Into Your Webpage

Paste the code as a stand alone paragraph.
Locations can be before or after the title or at the foot of an article.
Check the final result looks appropriate.
More social media buttons are available Social Media Icon Set
Icons saved on your website may be slightly faster to load.

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