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This website was created to show how to use technology efficiently. There are over 200 web pages for this purpose.
The content is now reaching over 100,000 visitors per month in over 190 countries. Examples of content include:

  • 74 uses for the NBN
  • 60 energy efficiency technologies
  • Calculators for technology efficiency

Press Kit Resources

Press Resource Press Link
Matthew Bulat LinkedIn Over 1000 connections
Matthew Bulat on Twitter 3000 connections
Matthew Bulat Slideshare Over 10 presentations
Business Strategy Tips For Business Growth By Design book Business Strategy Tips For Business Growth By Design book on Amazon
IT Jobs Formula Book IT Jobs Formula website , IT Jobs Formula book on Amazon
Australian Computer Society - Information Age National ACS Townsville article
Blockchain NQ ACS Newsletter
Also see NQ ACS newsletter past issues 5 videos and 3 PDF resources on Blockchain
The Red Toolbox article Showing regional Australia innovation strengths
Matthew Bulat Quora Over 200 answers to questions
74 uses for the NBN
Energy Efficiency eBook
60 technologies covered
11 Secrets to Business Transformation Framework Success Business Transformation Framework | 57 Business Transformation Framework Tools and Resources
Bonus Innovation Centre Resources Specialised Resources for Inventors, Startups, Ecommerce This is based on interaction with Townsville Innovation Centre and related groups.
Gap Analysis FAQ Answers 25 Gap Analysis frequently asked questions answered for you. Insider Gap Analysis Secrets for Gaining market share.
The Top 22 Strategic Research Insights For You FAQ The top 22 Strategic Research Insights For You FAQ Answers The top 22 Strategic Research Insights For You Questions and Answers.
Financial Literacy Decoded 31 Financial Literacy Definitions Every Business Owner Needs to Know Questions, Answers and Definitions.
Work Health Safety WHS Work Health Safety WHS What Every Business Manager Needs To Know About Work Health Safety and Risk Management.

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Townsville Bulletin Mar 2018

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