Resource Link Resource Description
16 Steps for Website Success PDF See the steps in website planning, website implementation, website launch activities and digital marketing.
Keywords and Content Marketing Planning PDF How to select your niche keywords. Define which keywords are used for customer awareness, engagement and purchase. Plan content for each.
Customer Profile Creation
- Current State
Define who your ideal customer segment(s) are. What job do they have to complete? What pain points are currently present? What are their desires?
Value Proposition Creator
- Future State
Which products and services help the customer complete jobs, avoid pain and reach desires?
Product Design and Marketing Design Questions PDF Product questions to draw out all the product/service benefits (logical and emotional). Answers are used for Marketing content preparation.
Content Marketing Checklist and example case study PDF Build a list of existing content and new content needed for a website. Define the customer journey to you in terms of content types. Review niche keyword popularity, customer segments, content headlines and multiple sample customer journeys.
Website and Digital Marketing Online Resource Links PDF 26 Links that can help you launch a website. Keywords, Search, Business Model, Website Design, Website Hosting, Headlines, Search Engine site submission, Marketing Plan creation, website traffic tips ...
New Product Business Model template PDF Business Model Canvas for a new product or service. Technology Readiness Levels table. Thought bubble to commercial distributed product.
Google My Business Instructions PDF Create a Google My Business business listing for Google Maps and Google local Search. Create a business listing in one day for free.
Personal and Business branding on LinkedIn PDF Create an All Star personal LinkedIn profile. Building business relationship connections. Create a LinkedIn Business Page with product Showcase.
Beginning Facebook Marketing PDF Build a Facebook following of your ideal customers for free. Create a Facebook Business Page.
Event Planning Summary PDF What to consider when planning events. Includes best marketing methods. Based on Eventbrite and local knowledge.
How to write a Blog Post PDF 5 content style templates. Best heading styles for engagement. Optimisation tips for the web and promotions.
9 Business Accelerators PDF The Top 9 Tips, Tricks & Tools Every Business Owner Needs to Know.
More eBook Website Resources 12 more resources for Website development. e.g. WordPress, landing pages, SEO, HTML, website scalability
More eBook Marketing Resources 12 more resources for Marketing. e.g. Marketing strategy, planning, public relations, selling, copywriting, sales funnels