Launch Ecommerce

Ecommerce Test Mode Off

  • Turn off test mode for WooCommerce or Spotify
  • Turn off test mode for PayPal

Ecommerce Testing

  • Open Browser in Incognito mode, Check website categories / collections
  • Check product listings
  • Check Shopping Cart
  • Check payment gateways
  • Test for new and existing customer

Ecommerce Launch

  • Your Sitemap.xml file contains all your important pages. Make sure the search engines know about it. Allow 1 week. Google Webmaster Tools
  • Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company, Google My Business is setup. This depends on where your customer are.
  • Google Analytics is operational. This will influence how your marketing adapts into the future.
  • Pre launch valuable content has been distributed. Email and social media in a schedule.
  • Pay per Click advertising is setup. Google Adwords , Facebook

Ecommerce Post Launch

  • Check Orders and complete them.
  • Review what are your traffic sources coming into your website. See Google Analytics. Check search phrases.
  • Review Pay Per Click Advertising, cost per click. Which phrases work. What do they cost per click?
  • Check email list from customer sales. What email newsletters could you create?
  • Add new content and links to your website over time.

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