Website Hosting Introduction

At a basic level website hosting includes:

  • a domain name e.g. (worth ~$10-$20/year each)
  • server storage space for web pages
  • server database space for content management systems

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This allows the use of https web page prefixes that allows secure communications. This is useful for logins and payments.
WordPress (free) is a website content management system used in approximately 30% of websites globally.
WooCommerce (free) is WordPress plugin software that allows product listings, product groups, shopping carts and payment gateways.
Static IP provides a unique Internet Protocol address for your website. This can enhance your website security slightly.
SSD stands for Solid State Drive. This hard drive storage is approximately 5 times faster than mechanical hard drives.
Multiple Website hosting is available. Each domain name can point to a subdirectory. E.g. Multiple languages, departments, startups, offers, product groups.
Not sure of a Domain Name? A reputable name generator can make it easier to name your business or website.

Australian Website Hosting

Notes: There is a lot of hosting that is cheap for the first year and then raises prices x2 on the following years.

Hosting Company $/month $/year SSL $ WordPress WooCommerce Notes 29.95 330 Yes No No Bigcommerce. + Google Shopping + eBay. For <$50k revenue sites. 13 49 Yes Self install Unlimited domain, databases.Static IP $4/mth. 9.95 49 Yes Self Install Includes SSL + hosting + static IP 12.95 Includes domain + wildcard SSL 21.99 Unlimited websites + SSL 12 59 Yes Self install WordPress auto updates 9.95 109.95 199 Self install Self install Only premium SSL available. Managed WordPress available $$$.

International Website Hosting

Some plan levels are based on unique visitors per month. E.g. 10,000 , 25,000 , 100,000.
Try to pick a website hosting with a data centre facility close to where most of your customers are located.
There are very advanced options where multiple data centres are used to provide website pages from the closest source.

Hosting Company $/month $/year SSL $ WordPress WooCommerce Notes 5.20 Free Yes Yes Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt) 26.24 Free Yes Yes 100M visitors/month, static IP, Domain included 5.20 Free Yes Yes SSD drive, Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt). Domain included. Auto-update WordPress and Plugins possible. Multisite 9.09 Free Yes Yes Unlimied websites, 1 free domain name/addon domains for extra websites, 25 GB SSD storage. There is multiple global data centres. Multisite 13.02 Free Yes Yes Up to 6 websites, 1 free domain, SSD storage, free SSL, many 1 click applications available. 9.06 Free Yes Yes Free SSL, unlimited paid domain names. 9.79 Yes Yes Yes Wordpress backups included.SSD drive.

Best Web Hosting more details

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