Convert Key Value Pairs list into a Ruby Hash Array

Convert a spreadsheet list of key values pairs into Ruby Hash array.
Copy in the text and click Get Results button. Ruby Hash array code can be copied out from the bottom textarea.
Use key value pairs like: myarray = {a:1, b:2, c:3, d:4}

Text Inputs


key1 value1
key2 value2
key3 value3

Ruby Hash Array Code Output

myarray = {
:key1 => value1,
:key2 => value2,
:key3 => value3

Ruby Hash Array Name

Your key value pairs list to copy in here

Use spreadsheet to open your key value pair list file and copy the contents into the top text area box.
Avoid spaces in the keys names. Underscores are alright.
Shortcuts include: Ctrl A for select all, Ctrl C for copy and Ctrl V for paste.

       Press Get Result button after completing copying in list in to text area above.

Ruby Hash Array Results Here

Copy the lower Ruby results into a Ruby code editor.

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  • The map method maps each element in an enumerable object to its corresponding block, which returns either nil or an arbitrary value that is then used as the return value for map itself.
  • The Ruby Array class implements an ordered list of any object.
  • An Array is a dynamic datatype, meaning that it can change its size by adding or removing objects during program execution.
  • Arrays are created with the Array() operator which takes a variable number of arguments and interpolates those arguments into an expression representing dimension(s) in parens.
  • The Hash class implements a mapping from one set to another, i.e., from keys to values where the key cannot be nil and size for given key-value pair is at most two elements.