Business Website Checklist Framework

Let me tell you a quick story…

  • There I was, an operations manager trying to make impact online.
  • The thing is, at the time I was trying to becoming an online authority.
  • The big problem was that trying to sell an eBook without traffic. That meant poor eBook sales, which little side income.
  • Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
  • I created lots of online content to create the traffic with content ads that could earn more than book sales!
  • Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to traffic quantity is proportional to keyword ranking volume and content quantity, because I saw you can control business growth with keywords and content.
  • My plan was to start review the keywords that were ranking and expand around those topics.
  • So I started methodically create content in clusters around several topics. But we didn’t stop there.
  • We then shared the new content on several social media channels.
  • After that, we build backlinks to the new content.
  • Building on that success, we decided to create a Business Website Checklist that can work for others.
  • We call it “Business Website Checklist Framework”.
  • With Business Website Checklist Framework I can now get a business website online in 2 days !
  • And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

Big Picture Strategy For How To Sell Products And Services Online:

  • Business Website Checklist Scope Questions
  • Business Website Checklist Build Step
  • Business Website Checklist Content Step

Business Website Checklist Scope Questions

  • What is the industry for the website?
  • How many products or services are being sold?
  • What is known about the target audience? Customer Segment Research Tool
  • What is the seed keywords you want to rank for? Business Keyword Analysis
  • What is the desired website domain name? e.g.

Business Website Checklist Build Step

  • Buy the website domain name and hosting Website Hosting Comparison
  • Install WordPress, theme and business logo
  • Create titled blank web pages
  • Create the menu for the pages
  • Install plugins for eCommerce, payments, contact form, SEO
  • Point the domain name to the WordPress installation
  • Setup the SSL certificate for https secure communications
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

Business Website Checklist Content Step

  • Fill out the web pages with content
  • Fill out the web pages with graphics
  • Create the product and services pages in detail

Examples Of This Framework In Action:

  • This framework has been used to sell physical books online
  • The framework has been used to sell management consulting online
  • This framework has been used for non profit organisations

Conclusion / Final Thoughts:

  • Know your audience online
  • Use their keywords in your content
  • Share your new content to create awareness and interest
  • Grow your business with keywords and content

Next Steps:

  • Review the Business Website Checklist Framework for new and existing websites
  • Define your baseline in terms of audience needs, keyword search volume and your products and services
  • Build your website with suitable content for customer awareness to purchase

Business Website Checklist Framework

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