Business Model Healthcheck for Small to Medium Business

Health Check Background Information

These notes relate to the stopping positions within the Prezi presentation above.

Health Check your SME

Business models can be used with before/after NBN changes, Mobile customer changes, Bring Your Own Devices changes etc.

Your Business Model is often in your head.

Business and Information Communication Technology (ICT) should be considered for a business model.

Include what you have and want on the same business model.

Design a startup. Business Model design is part of Startup Weekend.

Improve your business. Better stakeholder understanding.

Improve your customers businesses. Value add with a customer business model creation.

Business Model yourself, small business, department or organisation.

Products & Services OK

Have you recorded your business model?

Can business be improved from your existing business model?

On a Business Model Canvas, customer front end is on right , value propostion is in the middle, business back end is on left.

What is a Business Model?

One diagram showing how you business operates for stakeholders.

Why business model?

Improve your chances for success in a changing environment

Better understand your customer and what they value

Model Attributes

Who are your customers? How do you help them?

Business Model importance

We are in a changing environment. e.g. Smartphones, Cloud computing, NBN, BYOD

New SME/customer/competition business models may affect your business.

Business Model for multiple customer segments. e.g. Retail, Wholesale, Online, Corporate, Government.

Understand your customers better when you model their businesses

Music as 3 business models

Can you use business model differently?

Customer Value

Customer activities versus matching business activities.

Customer Profile

Define your customer segments in customer value terms.

Value Proposition

Match your value proposition to what matters most to the customer.

Think Outside the square

Business + Technology + Style = Superior Business Model

This is an ICT Industry value add.

Your Style

See how multinational companies apply modern business models.

Combine multiple styles for extra business performance.

These model styles can relate to the ICT industry. Many more models exist. Borrow models from other industries.

Business Model Canvas +

Model what you have and want. Build a project schedule to move forward.

Model your customer business which includes your products/services in their desires list.

Business Model Creator

Model online with ~ 90% of the business + technology answers provided.

Business Model Creator top

Enter a Model name and select what you have and want. 200+ attributes to choose from plus add your own unique attributes.

Business Model bottom

Click Create Business Model with your attributes and export as text and/or a graphic.

Business Model Innovation

Validate, try new attributes and refine your new business model for sustainability and growth.

Thank You

Business Model FAQ , 4 Industry Examples , Business Model Creator  & Model Definitions  on website. Time to make your own business model.

Business Model Canvas Resources

Business Model Canvas PDF Printable empty Business Model Canvas
Books on Business Model Canvas and Startup methods
Business Model Generation book Business Model You book Blank business model canvas

Relevance Reading

You and NBN at the next level 74 ideas for high speed broadband.

Skills Framework Information Age assessment Which skills do you have or need for your business model?

* Consider the networking and Internet speed requirements for a changed Business Model.

Build your own custom business model using Business Model Creator