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Business Model Definitions

  • Which business model attributes would suit you
  • Choose business and technology attributes
  • Design a sustainable business model
  • Gain advantage using modern business model styles

Business Model Examples

Retail Business Model
Service Industry Business Model
Manufacturing Business Model
Online Services Business Model

Business Model Attribute Defintions and Implementation Ideas

Customer Segment | Value Proposition | Customer Relationships | Channels | Key Activities | Key Resources | Key Partners | Cost Structure | Revenue Streams

Business Model AttributeImplementation Ideas
Customer Segments
Internal corporate customerThe customers can be other departments within a larger organisation. All departments can help support the company strategic goals.
Online membersThis can include Facebook Page likes, LinkedIn connections, LinkedIn groups, Twitter followers, Google + connections, email marketing members etc.
Online BuyerDigital and Physical products and services. e.g. Digital download of music or CD by mail purchase.
eBay / Amazon /Shopify etc market salesSell on multiple channels including Internationally. You might use Fulfillment by Amazon warehouses around the world.
Market SegmentNiche, Retail Store, National Wholesale, Industry Sector, Mass Market, International Retail, International Wholesale, Business to Business sector.
Value Proposition
Help with customer jobsSave customers time and / or money completing their jobs.
Reduce customer painHelp customers avoid pain points and reduce risks.
Help with Customer gainsHelp customers gain with your solutions. e.g. Save money or make more money.
Digital deliveryDigital products can be delivered for free using the Internet. See also 3rd party logistics.
SMS remindersSend scheduled SMS reminders for upcoming appointment.
FAQ onlineFrequently asked questions can be answered in a web page. Improve customer satisfaction.
Online queriesHave the means to answer question via a web page form or social media interaction.
3D printing to order3D printers can print plastic parts up to about 15 x 15 x 15 cm. Useful for prototypes or custom products.
Online appointment bookingsAllow customers to book an appointment via your website. Appointments can now be made 24/7.
Customer Relationship
Email MarketingEmail List segment for customers/buyers. Build lifetime trust and value emails. Offer emails for complimentary products, maintenance, services etc.
In store QR codes for more info.Quick Response code symbol can be placed near products. User can scan QR code with smartphone and link to more information.
Loyalty card with analyticsAnalytics can identify customer insights, buying patterns and create custom marketing.
Customer website interactionsAllow customers to view products in different ways such as how to use video, custom ordering online, calculators for requirements etc.
Social media interactionsFollow multiple social media platforms together while tracking your industry keywords. Respond to enquiries and attract new customers.
Email MarketingOnline advertising -> Landing Web Page -> Opt-In Form -> trade email for Lead Magnet -> email sequence with offers.
Digital white paperLonger electronic document describing how to use products, benefits to using products, new ways to use products etc. Include links back to website.
Company appApplication can be used as a new channel for customer interaction with your business. Consider customer interaction via smartphones or tablets.
Internet text searchCreate good web pages that include your services, industry keywords and location. Search engines can bring customer traffic via the keywords you used.
Internet image searchImages used on you website can include ALT descriptions. Search engines can use the descriptions to allow customer to come to you via the images.
Internet map searchRegister your business location via the search engines. e.g. Google Places. Your business will appear on map searches with link back to your website.
Pay per click PPCPPC are text, image or video ads run on search engines and affiliate sites that link to your website. New customers can get to your website for under $1 each.
Web page product awarenessA web page descibing a problem or need and the solution. This can be the first stage of customer acquisition.
Web page product evaluationA web page comparing various solutions include why your solution is most suitable. This can be the second stage of customer acquisition.
Web page product purchaseA web page that includes the buy button or call to action. The could include becoming a online member or email marketing client etc.
Information computer kioskAllow navigation of your website from inside the store. This can also include touchscreen interface from the front window. e.g. Real Estate with more pictures.
Smart digital signageLarge screen that can be controlled using a computer network. Showcase products visually with a schedule or provide customer product education etc.
Customer feedback systemAllow for customer feedback via SMS, email, web page form etc. Learn insights on how to improve your customer service, new product ideas, new product uses etc.
Key Activities
3rd party logisticsOutsource the product wholesale delivery, product warehousing, product shipment to customers. Your interaction with products is now only digital. Can be international.
Order delivery systemsSmart systems for customer ordering, payments, shipping labels, packing slips, logistics, customer updates and customer feedback etc.
Key Resources
Automation systemsComputer systems can be used for some repeatitive tasks. E.g. Automated product testing, If Then Do This systems, Workflows with accounting links etc.
Decision support systemsA digital rules and facts system to help make decisions. This can come in the form a system status dashboards with pre calculated suggestions. Can be used for stocking levels and product turns.
Website analyticsKeep track on website traffic sources, traffic volumes, search keywords used, time on website, time on webpages, website links chosen etc. See results over any date range.
Industry analyticsTrack trends within your industry and respond accordingly.
Knowledge basesBuild up information in a easy to access system. e.g. Wiki. Can be used for best procedures, fault finding, work instrutions, business performance trends etc.
Key Partners
Mentors and GurusListen to new posible views on busines operations, business models, technology advancements, more efficient proceses etc.
Tech. maintenance providerInclude processes to maintain close to 100% uptime for equipment with redundancy options if required. Help prevent risks my using active monitoring systems.
Tech. innovation providerExamine a business versus possible best practices. Create business plans for the most worthwhile changes. Implement the changes as a managed project.
Cloud email providerHost email services on a cloud based system instead of a local server. Access email from multiple computers, tablets and smartphones etc.
Cloud virtual serversRun a virtual server/s from a data centre. Save on space, cooling and electricity. Can be used for development, disaster recovery and remote backup.
Cloud operating systemsRun virtual machines from a data centre with operating system and server software already present. Auto updated.
Cloud software providersRun software from cloud providers with a subscription model usually based on users per month. Pay only as you need. Auto updated.
Digital service providersProvide remote digital services. E.g. Convert media types as a queue process, remote online accounting, virtual server monitoring, website performance review.
Remote VOIP telephonyRun telephony from one or multiple offices without a PABX. VOIP handsets and powered networking ports are all that is required onsite. PABX is remote and managed for multiple clients.
Virtual assistantsAllow for distributed virtual teams to work together. Acquire skills from around the globe if required. Work across time zones if required.
Digital analytic providersProvide data on website performance, business performance analysis, global sales analysis, competition analysis, search keyword trends etc.
Serviced virtual officeProvide telephony, receptionist, mailing address, meeting room as needed. Scale up requirements as required without long term leases. Quick to set up in new cities.
IT remote support providersRemotely track the performance of IT equipment including backups, drive space, patches, anti virus, network load, event log monitoring, application status etc.
Cost Structure
Web hostingProvide server facilities to maintain your website. This can also include email addresses, databases, private static IP address and domain names.
Email marketingProvide online facilities to generate emails to be sent to groups of email addresses with reporting. You can also create a scheduled automatic sequence of emails for new subscribers.
Content creationCreate content to suit your customer needs with the keywords they use. Include on page optimisation techniques to be correctly indexed by search engines.
Pay per click adsNew customers can get to your website for under $1 each. You set a daily budget limit and only pay for ads that are clicked on. Once started its automatic.
Digital products as a serviceSource online teaching courses, online audio visual editing, content creation, graphic design, online conference events and paid webinars etc.
Photos, video, audio, illustrationsBuy or create audio visual content for marketing, website content, product information guides etc.
Application creation / maintenanceCreate and maintain applications for desktop, smartphone or tablet users. Adjust application for modern hardware such as high resolution screens.
Cloud services pay as you go / needCloud services can be bought as needed. e.g. x$ per month per user. Scale up and down as required. Test applications with minimum cost risks.
Revenue Streams
Renewable energy creationCompare if alternative enery sources are cheaper than conventional providers. e.g. Solar power and cogeneration gas. This could be a competitive advantage or income if feed back into the grid.
Digital productsSell products such as reports, eBooks, software, audio, video, photos, illustrations online. This can be done directly or via a provider like iStockPhoto, or
Affiliate commisionsTraffic from your website to affiliate links to complementary products can earn commision.
App sales / in app purchasesCreate software for smartphones and tablets with income from direct sales, in app purchases and affiliate links.
Online salesSell products directly from your own website. Payment buttons or checkout can accept multiple payment types.
Online service provisioningCreate a website that performs a business process for others. E.g. Online project management, online teaching system framework, business template for website operations.
Online membership subscriptionCreate content with paid membership access. e.g. Online newspapers, niche industry associations, music access subscription, training programs, special diet programs etc.

* Consider the networking and Internet speed requirements for a changed Business Model.

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