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Tropical Energy

Where solar has better return on investment and can reduce business costs.

Tropical Energy Business Model

Research Centre

Research for future products and growth.

Research Centre Business Model

New Technologies

Which new technologies can improve your organisation? Transform with technology or be left behind.

New Technologies Business Model

Innovation Centre

Where will startups get together and collaborate with trainers, business, investors and skilled professionals? E.g. Future products or solving business needs.

Innovation Centre Business Model

Portable Battery Storage

Does battery energy storage help your bottom line and reduce energy costs? Test it. Also useful for disaster recovery.

Portable Battery Storage Business Model

Resilient Map

Where are the resources located in an emergency. E.g. Cyclone or tidal surge. How can this information be shared successfully.

Resilient Map Business Model

Floating Solar

How can floating solar reduce dam evaporation and not use up valuable land. Cool dam temperatures also help with solar efficiency.

Floating Solar Business Model

Resilient City Plan

How can a city better plan for the unexpected? Backups, redundant systems, alternate data centres, alternate workplaces etc.

Resilient City Plan Business Model

Energy Security

Where are the weak links in energy delivery? e.g. transmission lines or large power stations. Can alternate sources supply power in emergencies?

Energy Security Business Model

Teach Sustainability

Teach sustainability to reduce energy waste, water usage, business waste, improve suitable building design/retrofitting and costs.

Teach Sustainability Business Model

Area Risk Assessment

Which risks are present in a city and what controls can be in place to reduce the likelyhood and impact from these risks.

Area Risk Assessment Business Model

Solar Fuel Station

Provide fuel and electricity to a region even in a long blackout. E.g. fuel pumping for generator fuel and smartphone charging. Also lower electricity business costs.

Solar Fuel Station Business Model

Cloud Region Management

How distributed and redundant cloud computing help when ICT infrastructure is damaged. Keep city operations going using remote resources.

Cloud Region Management Business Model

Public Transport for CBD

Transport students, office workers and tourists efficiently around a city while reducing costs from cars and parking.

Public Transport for CBD Business Model

Water Security

How can water assets best be provisioned, minimized, used and recycled.

Water Security Business Model

Attract Investment

What is involved with getting startups and projects investment ready and succeeding?

Attract Investment Business Model


How can governance help with organisation keeping on their strategic alignment while monitoring existing operations.

Governance Business Model

You can make your own business model using the tools found here. Model the present and the future.

These business models were based on the Resilient City Workshop desires for Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Business Models created by Matthew Bulat.