Resilient Townsville Needs

Themes Description Business Model Business Attributes
Tropical Energy Make Townsville a glocal centre of Tropical Energy. Use solar for energy, heat, fuel and chemical production. Use waste biomass for fuel, chemicals and energy. Tropical Energy Tropical Energy
Research Centre Have a Townsville Cooperative Research Centre for resilience, Northern Australia, tropical sustainability, bushfires, natural disasters and water for cities. Research Centre Research Centre
New Technologies Build an Australian Silicon Valley centre of excellence. New Technologies New Technologies
Innovation Centre Create a starting place to develop innovation using a non-denominational community hub with virtual tools. Run startup events and run sprint events. Innovation Centre Innovation Centre
Portable Battery Storage Demonstrate a portable solar, battery storage system for buildings. Trial technology for a building to work out future savings. Portable Battery Storage Portable Battery Storage
Resilient Map Map locations with solar battery, NBN fibre, WiFi and smartphone charging sites for disaster recovery purposes. Resilient Map Resilient Map
Floating Solar Develop floating solar on Ross Dam to reduce evaporation and generate local power. Floating Solar Floating Solar
Resilient City Plan Help align Townsville Resilient Plan into Townsville Council City Plan. Resilient City Plan Resilient City Plan
Energy Security Create energy generation and storage in the region. Energy Security Energy Security
Teach Sustainability Implement teaching programs for primary and secondary students on environmental sustainability. Teach Sustainability Teach Sustainability
Area risk assessment Identify areas of current vulnerability to shocks and disasters and design risk management around them. Area risk assessment Area risk assessment
Solar fuel station Create petrol / ethanol / electric station with solar / battery. Have fuels available in a blackout. Solar fuel station Solar fuel station
Cloud Region Management Use cloud computing for data colection, regional management, insight gathering and smarter decisions. Cloud Region Management Cloud Region Management
Public Transport for CBD Create a public transport system to support a new stadium precinct. Public Transport for CBD Public Transport for CBD
Water Security Create enough water capacity to handle population and industry growth. Include WA style water desalination with renewable offset. Water Security Water Security
Attract Investment Attract investment for trade, tourism, education, agriculture, mining, renewables and energy export. Attract Investment Attract Investment
Governance Create governance for environment, business continuity, safety, security, community ammenities, disaster management framework and new industries. Governance Governance
How to make Townsville resilient

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This webpage was created as an action item from the Townsville Resilient City Workshop - October 2015. Created by Matthew Bulat.

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