Do you need to share business operations data minus the customer data for privacy?
Are privacy considerations preventing you working with service providers to solve issues?

This software will read customer text files and create Cleaned copies minus any data you choose.

What is required for data cleaning?

This software will work on a Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 , 10 computers.
Save the zip file at the bottom of the page into a new empty directory and unzip it.
Copy a sample text file for cleaning into the new directory.


This is where to set what will be looked for and what will replace it.
E.g. TFN, tax file number removed
Edit this file are required. The search terms are case sensitive.


This is the program to run and read all local log files and create Clean-filename.log.txt files

All .log files in the local directory will be read and Cleaned copies of files generated.

Data Cleaning Example 

Filename to read:sample.log

File created:Cleaned_sample.log.txt

The created file can be read by Notepad, Textpad etc.

data cleaning privacy

In depth look at the data cleaning

Data Cleaning Configuration

The configuration file shows the case sensitive data to look for and what to replace it with.
SURNAME, surname removed
FIRSTNAME, first name removed
TFN, tax file number removed
ClientNo, client number removed

Data File for Cleaning Sample

Sample Log File
Test information line 1
SURNAME:     Test information line 2
FIRSTNAME:     Test information line 3
TFN:        Test information line 4
ClientNo:    Test information line 5
Test information line 6
Test information line 7
Test information line 8

New file results after data cleaning

Sample Log File
Test information line 1
 surname removed
 first name removed
 tax file number removed
 client number removed
Test information line 6
Test information line 7
Test information line 8

Download Data Cleaner

3 kB