Townsville SEO Case Study 2

Part 1: Background & The Problem

What was the worst part about gaining market share online before you started using Consultancy Done Differently?

Without a website our online presence and authority was low.
Consultancy Done Differently is a new business assisting businesses to become capable of taking on big projects as a supplier and work global supply chains.
Showcasing our Unique Value Proposition required a website.

Part 2: Search For Solution

What led you to look for a "better way" for gaining market share online?

The domain name and website was built.
To attract the ideal customer required appropriate SEO keyword content.

Part 3: Solution Provided by Matthew Bulat partnering with "Consultancy Done Differently"

How did our website help you with gaining market share online?

Keyword Analysis was performed to to get traffic volumes, competition levels and customer needs.
On web page SEO was performed such as Meta Descriptions and Image Descriptions.
Content was created around the parts making up the Unique Value Proposition.

These resources were then linked to the main theme: "How To Become A Big Project Supplier"
External links were built back to the website to raise its authority and online presence.

Part 4: Specific Results Achieved & Benefits Enjoyed

What specific results did you get with Consultancy Done Differently?

In 6 months the website has provided 2400 page views.
Content was created during the 6 months.
Free organic traffic and Google rankings built up over time.
The traffic percentage are: Direct 38%, Organic Search 30%, Social 22%, Paid Search 3%, Display Ads 3%, Referral 2%.
Google Rankings were gained for: quality management consulting #1, business capacity #2, operational consultancy #5, operational consulting #11...

Townsville SEO Case Study Conclusion

Your Business and Townsville can gain more market share using SEO project activities.

  • Analysis of keywords in your industry is necessary
  • Analysis of online competition is needed to create a winning strategy
  • SEO keyword rich content can create traffic and business over 6 months
  • Creating new SEO content is scalable to drive more business to you

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Townsville SEO Case Study