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Virtual Server Hosting for business

What is Virtual Server Hosting?

Both computer and server functions can now be completed with remote hosting.
At the local level the communication exchange relates to keyboard and mouse actions and display updates. All that is onsite is thin clients or laptops or low powered computers with Local Area Network and business grade broadband.

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Virtual Server Hosting Advantages

  • No capital cost in buying a virtual servers or computers
  • Virtual computing can be deployed in multiple small branch offices or buildings easily and quickly
  • Less local electrical costs in running a computers
  • Computer maintenance activities are out sourced by hosting
  • Server storage is handled remotely
  • Server facilities are often more advanced with UPS, generator backup and redundancies catered for.
  • Virtual computing allows users to operate from any where with a broadband connection is present and a secure connection with work. E.g. Home, airport, hotel etc.
  • No local space needed for a server room, computer cooling system and UPS
  • Backups, anti virus and patching are taken care of for you.
  • A shared datacentre is more energy efficient than multiple smaller server rooms. This can reduce electricity costs, cooling costs, hardware costs and operating costs for everyone.
Hosting Computing Server can support 100s of hosted clients
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Virtual Server Hosting Disadvantages

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Virtual Server Hosting Alternatives

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Advanced Server Hosting

  • Have Virtual Server Hosting and VOIP Hosted. No local servers or PABX required.
  • Use Thin Clients for VOIP telephony and Virtual Computing. Only 1 device needed per desk. No computer update cycles needed. Half the communication cabling needed.
  • Hosting VOIP article
  • Have 2 sites vith virtual computing facilities for redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Use Distributed Resource Management to automatically move virtual machines and shut down servers when demands are low.
  • Extend Virtual computing access to home workers and travelling workers.
  • Mirrored virtual server hosting can be placed strategically around the world to cater with international users and customers better.
Thin Client for VOIP and Virtual Computing supported by hosting services
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Does virtual hosting services provide a useful server solution now or in the future?

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