SEO Copywriting for Website Owners

If you're a struggling website owner who wants to know how to gain search engine rankings, then this secret list holds the keys you need.

The bottom line with this list is: get your target audience to your website and attract your target audience with content creation.

The most important thing to get with this is more ideal prospects and customers into your business, however, you can grow your business faster with SEO copywriting.

Secret # 1 - Keyword Research

  • List the keyword phrases used around your products and service
  • Google these phrases and look at suggested phrases for more popular ideas
  • Note if you have any ranking in the first page

Secret # 2 - Target Audience

  • Describe your ideal client in terms of problems, desires, fears, objections, goals, results.
  • You may have several groups of people.
  • This may generate more keyword phrases they will search for.

Secret # 3 - Monthly Search Volume

  • Use Google Keyword Planner or equivalent to find the monthly search volume of your keywords.
  • Many related keyword phrases will also appear.
  • Look at the Cost Per Click (CPC) for the strength of the ad competition.
  • Select phrases with search volume at least 100 per month.
  • Choose phrases using 3,4,5 words to start as long tail keywords (easier to rank for).

Secret # 4 - Search Engines

  • From your keyword phrase list, Google each one.
  • Do the top 10 results have the exact phrase in the title tags and description.
  • If not, you may build content using that phases.
  • Also note the content types that are ranking in the top 10. e.g. FAQ, How To, Video...

Secret # 5 - Seo Content

  • Pick one or two keyword phrases for a piece of content.
  • Note the related phrases used by the top 10 competition.
  • Note the average content length used by the top 10 competition.
  • Note the language difficulty used by the top 10 competition.

Secret # 6 - Content Creation

  • Confirm you can make top 10 quality content.
  • The title should hook the reader to continue reading.
  • The goal is to have at least the matching top 10 average length on content.
  • Include many of the related phrases seen in the top 10.
  • The content should deliver the promise in the title.

Secret # 7 - Search Engine Optimization

  • The keyword phrase needs to be in the URL, title, H1 heading, Meta Description, first paragraph and featured image description.
  • Advanced users can add Schema descriptions for the content. For search engines.
  • Advanced users can add Open Graph descriptions for the content. For social sharing.

Secret # 8 - Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing can start with sharing your new content on social media.
  • Social media posts can be boosted with paid traffic.
  • Google Adwords can be used to target search keywords to drive traffic to you web page.

Secret # 9 - Link Building

  • Internal Links can be created by linking related content to the new content.
  • Links are created when you share your new content web page on social media.
  • Readers can also share the content to create more links.
  • Images on Pinterest or Instagram can also link to your new content.

Secret # 10 - Search Engine Rankings

  • New content gets seen by the search engines via your website sitemap.
  • New content can also be seen from links to your new content.
  • First the search engines will find the new content and analyse it.
  • Good content will be indexed and be available from search engines.
  • Search Engine Rankings will improve over time if your content has quality and links.
  • Several keyword phrases could rank from a single piece of SEO content.

Secret # 11 - Write Content

  • Monitor what new phrases you are ranking for. Google Search Console can help or better equivalents.
  • Look for ranking phrases that you do not have exact match content for.
  • Extend the content around you main topics for more traffic and business.

Secret # 12 - Content Marketer

  • The art is to know the starting of the website including existing rankings.
  • Improve any existing rankings with SEO, content and links.
  • Develop the content to deliver free traffic into your business ongoing.
  • Content can also be used for ad landing pages from several digital channels.

Secret # 13 - Next Level SEO Copywriting

  • Content can be arranged for Lead Generation funnels, lead magnet with email sequences.
  • Content can be used in Sales Funnels including sales pages, up-sells...
  • Content can be used for Webinar Sales Funnels for high ticket sales.
  • Email marketing copywriting can be used for building trust, authority and further sales.

The next step here is to go get your website analysed as soon as possible.

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13 SEO Copywriting Secrets Every Website Owner Needs To Know