Why do NBN in a Regional City?

NBN connection steps
Impact of the NBN in an Australian Regional City: Disruption, innovation and the empowerment of the individual.

Australian Computer Society President in Townsville, July 2015

NBN abilityWhy is it important?
NBN ConnectionsOver 1.1 million NBN connections are available but only 436,000 used (July 2015).
Early adopters can start new competitive advantage processes quicker.
NBN Fibre/Wireless/SatelliteThe whole of Australia will be covered by NBN satellite by the end of 2015.
Remote users will have great Internet for the first time. E.g. Smarter agriculture & remote control and monitoring.
NBN Regional City MapNBN fibre is going into many regional cities with NBN wireless surrounding them.
E.g. Townsville has 18 suburbs of NBN fibre and NBN wireless around it.
NBN Fibre ConnectionsConsider where the internal fibre connections will be made relative to your internal telephony/network/router hardware.
NBN SatelliteNBN Long Term Satellite can be solar powered almost anywhere in Australia.
This connection can provide Internet resources for many computers, tablets and smartphones.
Video ConferencingMultiple site video conferencing with shared PC screens, shared video, text chat to audience, recording etc.
Up to 6 sites presenting.
Disaster RecoveryUse cloud based computing resources from a secondary site in cases of local disaster.
International BusinessConduct international business without video and audio dropouts.
Show your products and services to international customers successfully.
InnovationTake advantage of new ways of doing things with high speed broadband.
Lower business startup costs using infrastructure/platform/software as a service.
Virtual TeamsGain access to remote specialist skills to complete your jobs or projects.
Gather the ideal skills for a project from around Australia.
City CapabilitiesGet access to capital city like communication services at a resonable cost.
Level the playing field for regional business.
VOIP TelephonyUse Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to have the telephony connectivity without the line rental costs.
One NBN connection can service over 100 phone lines.
One PABX for many officesShare a PABX phone system across multiple premises.
Internet Protocol (IP) phones can use the NBN to get back to the central PABX.
You can also use an IP phone from home.
Online MeetingsConduct meetings with video across multiple cities. Save on transport costs.
NBN can provide high frame rate and high definition video quality for better communications.
Cloud Computing at scaleGet access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Compute resources.
NBN allows for up to about 100 cloud computing users per connection.
NBN can provide 4 Gigabit network connections per premises.
Distributed ComputingNBN can help with computer connections at company headquarters, company branch office or employee home connections.
Stay productive from multiple sites.
Online BackupUse the fast NBN upload speed for online backups for servers, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Offsite backup without the backup tapes headaches.
Better eCommerceCustomers can access richer online shopping experiences and merchants can have quicker supply chain analytics.
Less communication bottlenecks at peak periods.
Internet Based TelevisionGain access to worldwide television. Sell video content to a worldwide audience.
Move large video files across the Internet faster. E.g. A film in under 2 minutes.
Global Digital Product SalesA NBN based web server can support digital product sales from onsite premises.
E.g. Software, digital plans, multimedia, eBooks, documents, reports, digital workflows etc.
Online TrainingComplete online training quicker without video delays, slow downloads and slower exams.
Maintain professional development hours without leaving the office or home.
Internet KioskUse simple computing devices to provide fast Internet access, local tourism information or specialised self service custom ordering terminals.
E.g Shoes of Prey instore terminals.
eHealth OptionsConnect patient to nurses, doctors, specialists and hospitals online without as many patient transfers.
Collect more data from patient for better health decisions.
Smarter CitiesConnect cities across various information services for happier residents.
E.g. Traffic data, energy use data, climate data, workplace data, government data, shared data centres etc.

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Use the NBN to your advantage.