Matthew Bulat

Meet Matthew Bulat

I help business owners to gain business technology efficiency so they can gain customer leads digitally..

If you desire to gain more customers, have business visible online, and grow the business then I can definitely help you.

I am an expert in using technology efficiently and my accomplishments include:


  • Master of Engineering Technology
  • University Lecturer in 15 subjects of IT

Work History:

  • University lecturer in website and application development
  • Designed, Implemented and Managed millions of dollars of technology for the Australian Government
  • My own website runs over 1 million users per year
  • Website developer for over 20 years

Awards, Titles, and Designations:

  • Chairman of Australian Computer Society NQ for over 10 years. Senior Member and Certifed Professional.
  • Microsoft Academy Platinum level with over 50 courses completed

Other Info:

I'm the one business owners turn to for using technology efficiently. And as you can see, I can definitely help you gain more customers, have business visible online, and grow the business!

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Matthew Bulat - 8 Million Web Page views in 10 years. Leverage the experience and grow your business faster.