Sitemap Tool to check of who links to my website

Hyperlinks to Sitemap.xml
  • How many pages of your important sitemap.xml has hyperlinks to it?
  • Which pages have links?
  • Which pages do not have links?
  • Does your content creation effort also need more hyperlink creation effort?
  • Do the pages with links have a common theme that could be further advanced?
  • Create content that is popular and check that there are hyperlinks to your content.

The sitemap tool source information

The tool uses information from Google Webmaster Tools.
On the Links to your site - more - Your most linked content - more, select download this table.
Go back to the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard
Select Sitemaps - more - select your site map - click see sitemap.

The sitemap tool application

Copy the table column A into the first text area.
Copy the sitemap into the second text area.
Click Run Sitemap Tool button

The sitemap tool results

  • Count of web pages in the sitemap
  • Count of web pages with hyperlinks to your website
  • Percent of web pages that have hyperlinks
  • List of web pages with hyperlinks
  • List of web pages without hyperlinks

Linked Content Table

Sitemap contents

Sitemap with hyperlinks summary

Sitemap web page count , Linked content count , Percent Linked content count%

List of web pages with hyperlinks

List of web pages without hyperlinks

Hyperlink future suggestions for website

  • Try to have web page URL in English with keywords included. e.g.
  • Add the new page to your sitemap.xml file
  • Allow 1 to 4 weeks for the new web page to be ranked and indexed.
  • Not all web pages get indexed. 90% + is achievable if all SEO techniques are used.
  • Sometimes a web page may get indexed after a backlink to that page is acheived.
  • Use internal back links to your important web pages with keywords in the anchor text.