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Which website creation activities can you do and which ones do you need help with?

  • Keyword Research - Which keyword phrases will work for you and which phrases have too much competition? Avoid wasting effort making web pages that will have low traffic or low rankings. 
  • Website Competition Review - What are your comepetitors doing online? Which keywords are the aiming for? Where are there links coming from? How can you be better than your competition in your niche?
  • Website Type Selection - Niche, Authority, Membership, eCommerce, Custom.
  • Website Style - Style of web page header, footer, menu, content, background, colours, fonts.
  • Website Content Strategy - How many web pages do you need for customer awareness, evaluation, product selection, purchase and after sales service? How many web pages does it take to cover your niche properly?
  • Website Page Creation - Using the website defined style create a web page with meta description, text, images, social media sharing, tracking code and keywords in various locations. 
  • Google Analytics Performance Review - How is your website going? Is it meeting your expectations? Where are visitors coming from? Which web pages are most popular? How is your visitors to customer conversion?
  • Google Adwords PPC advertising campaign setup - Boost your website traffic in hours. Create an account, select keyword phrases to target, build ads to suit, select website landing pages for clicks from ads. Refine ad campaign. 
  • Google Adsense advertising within website - Put ads on your website. Visitors who click on them earn you income. 

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Other website Intranets have been created for government on 4 servers. Daily automatic reporting in HTML, CSV, XML formats. Charts in JPEG format also provided.

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