SWOT Strengths

e.g. Customer service, best products, best service, best quality, best team members, best seller, highest market share, best solutions.
8 SWOT Strengths

SWOT Weaknesses

e.g. Few revenue streams, limited infrastructure, few products in the development pipeline, no written strategy, repuation is poor, market position is low, key personal risk, future vision unset.
8 SWOT Weaknesses

SWOT Opportunities

e.g. Online sales, smartphone friendly sales, digital native customer segment, 5 Billion Google searches per day, Chatbot customer service / sales, email marketing, video marketing, keyword content marketing.
8 SWOT Opportunities

SWOT Threats

e.g. Cybersecurity, natural disasters, marketplace change, global pandemic, customer trend shift, government regulation change, global supply chain issues, customer segment pivot.
8 SWOT Threats

SWOT Online Results

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SWOT Business Analysis - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats